What To Put in an Empty Corner of the Bedroom

Most bedrooms have at least one awkward corner that is left empty simply because we aren’t sure how to use the space. Instead of letting it gather dust, view this corner as valuable real estate space that can be turned into a beautiful, functional feature.

A few paintings and a floor lamp are simple things that can completely transform how a bare corner looks. If you have a bigger bedroom—and a bigger budget—turn the corner into a reading nook or beverage bar.

Decorating corners is fun and easy, and you might just end up creating your favorite spot in the house. Here are nine ways to turn that bare bedroom corner into something great!

1. New Lighting


The point where wall meets wall tends to be a dark space, even in a room with plenty of natural light. Sometimes illuminating your empty corner space is the only corner decoration you need—especially if it’s done with a gorgeous floor lamp or collection of beautiful pendant lights.

However, if contemporary minimalism is your style, you may not want a particularly obvious corner light fixture. If so, this Iris Chrome Integrated LED Floor Lamp is ideal. Just under five feet tall, it will nestle into the corner and illuminate both sides of the wall. Choose from three light levels, all controlled by a handy foot-pedal switch.

Uplighting is a dramatic type of light for a dark corner wall. Modern LED light fixtures cast light upward, creating the illusion of a bigger room with higher ceilings. Depending on how you arrange them, uplights can also cast impressive wall shadows around furniture and plants. With uplights, the focus is on the light, not the fixture itself.

2. Shelving

Shelves in corner of bedroom

Corner shelves are a fantastic way to make use of empty awkward corners. Choose a freestanding corner bookcase with triangular-shaped shelves and use it to store books, showcase framed photos, and more. You can also just move a regular rectangular bookshelf to the corner and align it along one wall. Set it at an angle if there’s room.

Hanging open shelves is another option for an empty room corner. Hang several rows of floating shelves and create vignettes of your favorite items on each one. Don’t forget to add a potted plant or succulent to liven up your corner decor.

One of the best-looking bedroom shelving options—especially paired with high ceilings—is a built-in corner bookcase. Depending on your storage needs, you can design a custom bookcase that includes cabinet doors, glass doors, open shelving, and integrated light fixtures.

3. Beverage Bar

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If the walk to the kitchen seems too far to handle before you’ve had your first cup of coffee, why not create a coffee station in your bedroom? A cozy café corner could be just the motivation you need to stop hitting the snooze button each morning.

A small corner cabinet or rolling cart can hold your Keurig, coffee pods, bottled water, and mugs. Buy a coffee maker with a timer, and the sound and aroma of your coffee brewing can be a much kinder, gentler way of waking up. Buy a small dorm fridge to hold your half-and-half, or use shelf-stable creamer instead.

Bar carts are another great bedroom corner option if you prefer cocktails over coffee. Stock it with bottles of your favorite wines and liquors. Include a shaker and beautiful decanter alongside your favorite glassware. And don’t forget the ice bucket and tongs.

4. Extra Seating

Chair in corner of bedroom

Extra seating is nearly always a good idea in any room. If you have the space, a recliner or plush chair with an ottoman turns unused bedroom corner space into a comfortable spot for reading or cat-napping. Go extra elegant with the old-movie charm of a chaise lounge.

A spacious room corner is also a great place for this Bohemian Knitted Rope Hanging Chair. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this contemporary seating choice allows you to gently swing yourself to a blissfully drowsy state. Decorate it with a few plush throw pillows for extra comfort.

A trunk or chest can serve dual purposes as extra seating and storage space. Slide it into the corner and add a bench cushion on top for comfortable seating. Hold the cushion in place with a rubber mat designed to keep rugs from sliding across the floor.

5. Special Furniture

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Add special pieces of furniture to your bedroom—both to decorate and increase the room’s usability. An antique vanity table and chair turn a corner into a beautiful dressing area. A corner desk can add valuable workspace, or serve as a place for drawing or journaling.

If you have a really spacious bedroom, think about putting a small sectional sofa in that open corner. It will be a great living room alternative for when you want to quietly relax without actually going to bed.

Blanket ladders are an old corner decoration that’s enjoyed a comeback. You can repurpose a vintage wooden ladder or purchase a new one. Use it to store your extra throws and blankets, and hang a wreath or faux trailing vine from the top to further enhance its decor value.

Furniture that helps tell your family’s story is a treasure for any unused extra space. Scan your parents’ and grandparents’ homes for heirloom pieces they might be willing to pass down. Ask if you can repaint or repurpose an old corner table or shelf unit, or ask for old family photos to add to your corner gallery wall.

An antique coat rack can be just as useful in the bedroom as it is in the foyer. Hang your hats, jackets, handbags, and scarves there. Park a full-length mirror beside it and you’ll find your corner a convenient place to review how you look before heading out each day.

6. Reading or Yoga Nook

Reading Nook Window Seat Homechanneltv

If you always promise yourself that you’ll start reading more books, but you never quite get around to starting, a special reading nook may be just the nudge you need. A comfortable chair and footrest, a small side table, a floor lamp, and a soft throw blanket are all you need to put together the perfect reading nook.

If yoga is more your thing, replace the comfy reading chair and table with a yoga mat and floor pillows. Add a small coffee table for candles or incense, or perhaps a small water fountain to introduce a water element to your yoga zone. A bonsai tree, potted succulents, or other green plants also keep you in touch with nature while you’re meditating.

Either type of nook can benefit from a bookshelf. Not only can it display your favorite home decor pieces, but it is also a handy place to store meditation materials—and all the books in your reading queue.

7. Indoor Garden

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What to put in an empty corner of the bedroom that will add life to the room? An indoor garden is the answer. Whether it’s one impressively tall potted plant or a collection of smaller plants, it’s a huge trend to decorate with living greenery.

Macrame potted plant holders, wall-mounted planters, and multi-level plant stands have all cycled back into popularity. Indoor vertical garden kits are small boxes that mount on the wall. They hold dozens of small potted plants or succulents that grow into a piece of living artwork.

Place a vintage distressed door or a beautiful corner screen behind your potted plants. A mirrored screen will double the visual impact of your indoor garden and provide you with a full-length mirror for checking your clothes.

If your chosen corner doesn’t have enough natural light to keep your indoor plants alive, purchase a full-spectrum LED grow light to illuminate your living decor. If that’s not an option, decorate with realistic-looking faux plants or fill a floor vase with thin bamboo sticks for a modern Asian touch.

8. Artwork

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Artwork always makes a blank wall more interesting. Whether it’s one beautiful painting or a whole collection of them, don’t neglect to decorate the walls in your bare corner. Position your wall hangings over any corner furniture you’ve added, or cover the corner in artwork from floor to ceiling.

Create a corner gallery wall showcasing your favorite framed photos and artwork. You can also make a gallery wall out of objects other than framed pictures. Show off a collection of baskets or mirrors, or make a mixed media gallery that includes wall planters and inspirational signs. Wall-mounted sculptures can also add a lot of character and dimension to a wall gallery.

Many companies sell inexpensive photo collage kits and wall tiles. Simply upload pics from your phone and create your own gallery in their app. If your budget is tight, “shop” the rest of your house for pieces to relocate to your empty corner space. Artwork that you hardly notice anymore in the living room can get new life as a focal point in another room.

9. Pet Perches


Most of us view our pets as family members, and it only seems natural to invite them into every room of the house. Empty bedroom corner space could be the perfect location for a new cat tower or dog bed.

Wanting a cat tower for your favorite feline no longer means settling for a clunky, carpet-covered conglomeration of carpet and lumber. Although that’s still the most common style available, some manufacturers are creating cat climbing structures with sleeker, more modern lines. Check out the Sweet Barks Elegant Modern Multi-Level Cat Activity Tower. It includes washable memory foam cushions and a mid-century mod cat cube that is quite stylish.

Dog beds have also come a long way when it comes to interior design. It’s hard to find a more stylish dog bed than the Cornelia Dog Sofa. This perfectly scaled-down pet furniture is simply elegant with its chesterfield-style tufted back, brass tacks, and wooden legs.

If your pet tends to be loud or active at night, the bedroom might not be the best place for a cat tree or dog crate. Find another place in the home, such as the living room or hallway.

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