what does pushing p mean?

What is “Pushin P”, the first rap meme of the year, and what does Gunna have to do with it

The whole world uses emoji with the letter “P” on a blue background. We understand why.

In recent weeks, emoji with the letter “P” on a blue background and the phrase “Pushin P” have filled the Internet. We understand how they appeared and what they mean.

How did the trend start?

A few days before the release of the “DS4EVER” album, Gunna began using the “P” emoji on a blue background in tweets, replacing the regular “P” with it.
The rapper did not disclose its meaning and invited the fans to guess what it is.

Gunna soon explained with examples: “Meddling in someone’s beef or a situation where you don’t know what’s going on is not a P”, “Managing your bitch is a P”, “Risking your life to feed your family is a P” , “Talking about a dude for no reason is not a P”, “Being real offline is a P”.

Another explanation was the track “Pushin P” featuring Future and Young Thug, which appeared on the album “DS4EVER”. In this song, rappers compete to see who can use the most “P” words.

What does the emoji with the letter “P” on a blue background mean?

If you “push P” (literally – press P), it means that you are acting correctly.
Gunna explained the difference between “kicking P” and “pushing P” (kicking and pushing) using the example of a luxurious mansion: “If you rent this house, you are kicking P. But if you buy it and become the owner of the house, then you are really pushing P .You’re spending money you’ve worked hard to earn.”

The rapper says that “P” was originally used as a substitute for the word player – player – or paper – cash. Closer in value to positive is positive.

And the phrase itself has long been common in the Bay Area and Texas. Gunna only provided her with worldwide popularity.

What is happening with the trend now?

Emoji with the letter “P” are used by celebrities and large companies in social networks.

(Nike: We had a meeting and, without going into too much detail, we’ve been pushing P all year. Gunna: Nike X Gunna is a P)

Hasbeek turned out to be the best in this trend.

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