Top 70 Best Business Hairstyles For Men – Proffessional Cutthroat Cuts

Are you still waiting on that long overdue promotion? Well, it’s probably never going to come buddy, at least not until you get a real business haircut. Humans are surprisingly simple, and first impressions are the cornerstone of our social interactions. Therefore, a man without the right business haircut is not considered a man at all. No matter how hard he works, his appearance makes him seem out of place.

This proves one thing: To succeed in the cutthroat financial world, a crafty man must cultivate the facade of higher status. While this may sound like a difficult undertaking, it’s actually quite simple. You see, the secret to playing the professional part is all in the business haircut!

The trim should be no longer than two inches all around, and that is already pushing it. From here, all that you want to do is accentuate a natural part. Consistency and frequency are crucial to maintaining your workplace image.

Weekly trims are the way to go; if you can’t handle this responsibility, then maybe you should just shave it all off instead. Baldness isn’t the best bet, but it’s better than being shaggy at a conference or interview.

To maximize suaveness, you can always slick it back 1950’s style. Seriously, you might want to revisit “Mad Men” to understand what a serious coif looks like. Alternately, you could just check below for some truly charming cuts.


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