The Top 10 Things Every Man Should Have in His Life

We have all heard it, accessories are a girl’s best friend, but what about men? It’s important to have a few extra things in life that can enhance any feature or quality that you carry.

So, for men, it’s nice to have a little something to make you shine and make the best of life. Whether it’s a bright smile to cheer on a bad day, good manners or a really, really cool gadget, you’ll be sure to be the best you can be with this list of 10 things every man should have in his lifetime.

1. A Smile


Flash those pearly whites! Everyone loves a great, big smile; it sets the first impression and your initial tone. It’s the gateway to sparking conversations on a whim, and a welcoming way to attract women.

A smile can make anyone’s day just a little bit better, and did we mention, they look great with any outfit? A smile shows that you don’t take life to seriously and adds a little flavor, flare and fun to any occasion. Genuine smiles with pearly white teeth are priceless.

2. A Partner


It’s important to share the love with your second half. We were made as social creatures, so it suites us that we should have our arm around that exceptional someone. Man or woman, it does not matter, a good partner in crime will tell the world that you are not as rambunctious as the next guy.

And we all know that other people are naturally attracted to those already engaged in conversations. It will make you more approachable and intrigue the women in the distance to wonder who is this friendly guy?

3. Manners


Excuse me ma’am, thank you. Manners! They matter. Everyone loves a guy with a little manner that respects everything and everyone day to day. Politeness goes a long way when you’re trying to become not just a better man, but a better person.

Show them that you can eat like a civilized person and can still open the door for the ladies. Show the world that chivalry is not dead, but coming back to avenge the guy who still chews with his mouth open.

4. A Good Cologne


Dang, what is that smell? Stinking is not socially acceptable. Showering and adding moisturizer into your routine isn’t enough to reach the climax of scent. Throw a little body mist or cologne into the mix and your set!

Who cares if it isn’t Gucci or Armani, as long as you smell like rich mahogany (okay we got that from Anchorman) you’re good. However just don’t go overboard, because it’s one thing to add a splash of cologne, and another to smell like you just put on the entire bottle.

And if you’re looking for the best men’s cologne recommendations to get some ideas, check out our men’s buyer’s guide. Find something that’s memorable and stick with it.

5. An Education


Get an education! No one likes the guy who doesn’t know the difference between their, there and they’re. You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box, but you better know who the president is and how to spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.

Knowledge is attractive to women, not to mention it will help you keep up in any conversation you manage to get into. So wear those hipster glasses, grab a book and get on it!

However remember it’s not all about just book knowledge, consider traveling to take in some of the local culture and perhaps visiting an art gallery. Talk with other people and learn their insights and experience to become a better versed person.

6. A Stylish Pair Of Shoes


A nice pair of shoes says a lot about character. If you have holes in your shoes, you may as well wear a shirt that says “this guy just doesn’t care.”

A good quality pair of shoes tells society that you care how you look. It may not seem that important, but it really is. Most notably women notice your shoes, not to mention theirs even been studies on how women perceive you based on things like your jeans.

Having a fashion sense is important, and if you’re building up your wardrobe you’ll need more than one pair of shoes. Invest in some Italian leathers and sneakers but please, no mandals (man sandals) those are so 1990, and they don’t make the cut for our top ten list.

And if you’re not sure where to start, check out our buyer’s guide to find the perfect pair of shoes. One of our top recommendations would be anything Allen Edmonds, their known for their sophisticated and luxurious style.

7. A Second Serving Of Confidence


You can’t really enjoy what life has to offer without a meaty helping of self-confidence. It’s pretty annoying to always be around someone who is constantly down on themselves. We have all seen those depressing social media status updates from the same person over and over. Don’t be that guy. Take pride in your work and walk tall into any situation with your head held high.

Throughout history, confidence has lifted people up who’ve dropped to the absolute lowest level of life. Britney Spears (shaved head), Lindsay Lohan (arrested for the 6 time…wait, just in, the 7 time) and Charlie Sheen (he’s got tigers blood in his veins), have all come back to society with a little bit of confidence in their step. It will extend to any aspect in life and make you more enjoyable to be around.

8. A Quality Group Of Friends


Well-known mystery author Dean Koontz pinned it on the head when he said, “Friends are all we have to get us through this life, and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next.”

Isn’t that the truth? A friend will get you through the day, be there whenever you need them to be and listen when you need a bad day off your chest. Pick your friends wisely, a good bunch can and will make a difference.

9. Gadgets


Gadgets are cool, and collecting them is even better. The latest smart phone, tablet or smart watch will make you the James Bond of any group. Quality accessories will show the world that you appreciate the finest things in life. Watches, phones, tablets and computers are what are hot this season.

Pick the latest in technology and you may be referred to as “that guy.” Remember your watch doesn’t have to be overall expensive, just choose one with a classic design that’s not over the top. Not to mention, perhaps one of the most important items to carry around with you daily aside from the watch is your pen.

A pen tells a lot about a man, from the way you hold it, to the design of the pen itself. Other men can sense your dedication and work achievement when you pick up a special pen to sign business papers. It’s that confidence that’s shown as you sign, which dictates your business experience and background.

10. A Good Haircut


Haircuts are important. Keeping up with the latest hairstyles can be tiring, but having a quality hair stylist or barber can make a worlds difference. No one like Mr. Scruff, so cutting your hair on a regular basis, along with a nice, clean shaven face will make you look up to par. Please, no mullets or comb over’s.