The Men’s Bedroom Design and Bedding Guide

A man’s bedroom, it’s the place where we seduce women into getting between the sheets, and sleep like kings. As men we venture out into the world with the goal of putting in an honest day’s worth of work, whether it is with women or at the workplace. However when we come home completely exhausted, we often find ourselves stumbling through the living room, and gravitating to this comfortable place we have come to love.

Yet considering we spend nearly twenty years of our life sleeping, or a third of a lifetime, why wouldn’t we make it as comfortable as possible? Take a look at this guide of the best men’s bedroom designs and ask yourself if you’d want to have a bedroom like that. It’s not that expensive to do, and when you account for the small initial investment, the return is quite astonishing. Not to mention, it’s not so much a luxury item, but more so a necessity for improving your life.

Which is quite funny considering as men you can sell us into a thousand dollar suit, and we’ll walk away with no regrets. However when was the last time you ever saw a guy get sold on anything related to bedding in that price range? The answer to that question is never. In reality though, men don’t even need to spend that much, but I’m sure if we we’re promoted to spend that much the answer would still be no.

You can still make your bedroom comfortable, even if you’re on a budget, because a little effort really goes a long way. Consider that good bedding hits on three key points which well get into more depth later on. It means getting better sleep, being more pleasant for your partner, and not to mention comfort, quality and longevity all go hand in hand.

Selecting The Right Bed Sheets For Your Bedroom

Bedsheets For Men

You spend most of your time between the sheets, in fact they are the bedding item that you’re the most exposed to. And considering your skin will be rubbing against these sheets throughout the night, it’s important to put these at the top of your list of priorities.

To get started you’ll want to pick up two or three sets of light cotton linen sheets for warmer weather. However for colder conditions like the winter, it’s always best to go with one or two sets of flannel sheets.

Let’s talk about color because with so many deigns, patterns, and color schemes it can be a bit disorienting trying to pick one out. Not to mention, having all white sheets alone are incredibly boring and dull, always avoid them. So take a look at the color combinations we’ve outlined below and finding something that matches what you’re looking for.

Three Key Tips For How To Buy Men’s Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Colors

Mens Bed Sheets

Now that you’ve got an idea of what color pattern you’re aiming for, let’s start the shopping process of buying some new men’s bedding. For starters avoid places like Bed Bath and Beyond, and go to department stores instead. If possible, locate a specialty bedding shop in your area. If you’re shopping online, have a look at You can’t go wrong shopping for new bedding there.

1. Thread Count

Don’t ever buy into thread count, it’s a marketing ploy that advertisers use to better promote their product. They’ve done such as a great job at turning it into conventional wisdom, but in reality it’s comparable with the feeling of table cloth. In fact, even the Good Housekeeping Institute ran tests on eight sheets they purchased. Seven of those failed because they had an exaggerated thread count.

If we examine why they failed, you’ll realize that the textile industry claimed sheets had a 1,500 thread count, but they actually only had 300 threads per square inch. Not to mention because of this false advertising, people began to believe you could get a 1,500 thread count sheet for $150.

However you simply can’t do that, instead the price would be much, much higher. In the end the industry rewrote their voluntary standard, keyword voluntary, to say the thread count should be based on threads and not the individual strands within a thread. None of it really matters if you aren’t swayed by it, instead just follow these guidelines. For crisp feeling sheets, you’ll want to be in the 200 to 300 thread count range, look for percale weave. Now if you prefer a softer sheet that feels more like silk, grab some sateen (not satin) weave sheets, they are often found in the 500 to 600 range.

2. Cotton

The type of cotton in your sheets plays a huge factor in comfort, more so than thread count alone. So before buying sheets for you bed, ask yourself what type of cotton is it made of? You’ll want to be shopping for long-stable cotton, however it’s quite rare considering 85 to 95 percent of the world’s cotton supply per year is the short-stable version. Most often you’ll find the long-stable cotton in places like Egypt, although there are a few varieties coming from places like the American Southwest and Sea Islands. In return Egyptian cotton has become acknowledged as being the world’s finest material for bedding.

However don’t let that fool you into picking up anything with Egypt cotton as there are also some forewarnings to pay attention to. You’ll find that while numerous brands might claim they use Egyptian cotton in their linens, it may be as low as one percent of the total material. To avoid this look for packages that are clearly labeled as only having 100% Egyptian cotton.

Also keep an eye on the price tag, because the real deal will be quite expensive on your wallet. But there’s a good reason it is, as aside from just the comfort of the material, the quality is known to make sheets last for ten to twenty years. In fact with every wash you’ll notice even after a few weeks they won’t lose their softness or color, because they actually get better with age. These sheets at are pricey, but very high quality.

 3. Weaving

While Egypt may be respected for their world famous cotton, Italians are renowned for their long-standing tradition of exceptional weaving. And when you combine them both you really do get the best sheets the world can offer. In fact once you’ve experienced the combination together you may very well never go back to those old sandpaper-like sheets. So keep an eye out in the department store for names such as Quagliotti or even Bagni Volpi Noemi.

If you happen to want to venture away from bed linen made in Italy, try the Dutch or Irish, as they also share a long-standing tradition of weaving. For the weaving itself, know that there are two types to choose from, percale, and cotton satin. Percale is basically woven in a criss-cross weave, so you’ll always find it available with a thread count that’s higher than 200. On the other hand, Cotton Satin is done in a circular weave, and the result is a feel closer to silk, plus there’s sheen to it.

When it comes down to picking out the best choice, it’s really entirely personal preference. Do you want a crisp feeling or perhaps do you want a finer feeling that often comes with higher thread count satin? The choices is yours, but always remember that the cotton and weave should be considered first and foremost over the thread count.

Comforters For Men’s Bedrooms

Men's Bedroom Comforters

So now you have the best men’s bed sheets money can buy, however while your bed might be comfortable it can still look unappealing. Let’s kick up your bedroom design a bit by adding in a plush comforter and a snazzy blanket. For comforters, their just thicker blankets with lots of stuffing, similar to that puffy coat you’d wear in the fall time.

Just like the puffy coat, you don’t always need to wear one when it’s chilly out, perhaps you could wear a light jacket instead. So what we’re getting at here is that they aren’t an absolutely necessity, as you can always go with a down quality or even a duvet instead. Yet on the other hand it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one, because when winter rolls along you’ll be wishing you had one.

So how do you shop for a new comforter for a men’s bedroom? Well first you’ll want to figure out how thick or light of a comforter you want, as it relates to how warm or cool its temperature will be. And since every man has his own personal preference, you’ll want to pay attention to the fill power. The fill power basically equates to this: The higher the number, the higher the fluff in the down, and since better down captures more air, it in return keeps you warmer. Once you have decided on how warm you want your comforter to keep you, you’ll need to glance at things like the construction and stitching.

These two things will keep those feathers from poking out, plus the stitching affects the feather’s movement, which is important for comfort. So what you need to know is there are three types of stitches, the karo, baffled, square. The Karo is a diamond pattern that gives you the option to fluff the warmth where you need it.

The baffled is a square pattern that prevents shifting, but it still let’s you loft the feathers without getting any cold spots. And lastly there’s the square pattern which comes in small and large boxes. The large boxes offer more warmth than the smaller ones; however both prevent any shifting for even heat distribution.

Duvets, Patch Quilts And Fur Throw Blankets

Faux Fur Throw Blankest

If you’re not familiar with duvets, they are basically covers for your down comforter. They simply slip on over the comforter and make for an easier cleaning process when you remove them. And while you can simply wash the comforter itself, you do run the risk of having the feathers becoming more compressed. This in return lowers the warming ability of the comforter itself.

If you’re looking for an extra layer of warmth, or perhaps want to add more of a decorative touch to better design your bedroom, any kind of patch quilt, afghan, or fur blanket will work. The first two we mentioned, being the patch quilt and afghan, tend to be more outdated when it comes to style. However they can add a cozy appearance to any men’s bedroom since their most commonly found in cabins with old fashioned decor.

Now on the other hand if you’re looking to add some serious appeal to your bedroom, grab a fox fur throw blanket like this one on Amazon. They’ll add a dash of class and luxury to any bedroom, and can really pull any look together. They can be quite expensive, and their price tag usually isn’t unreasonable unless you’re buying some incredibly rare authentic fur. Other than that, you’ll be a witness to how these ultra-plush blanks can almost have the same effect as diamonds on women.