The Biggest Mistake Men Make When Approaching Two Women

Here’s the deal guys — when you go and sit down with two girls you need to make sure you are always engaging her friend. Don’t concentrate on just one, because here’s what happens in the long run: When you’re not engaging her friend, you spend too much time on the one that you want. What happens is the minute you leave the friend that you ignore will turn to her friend and say “that guy was such a jerk”.

Biggest Mistake Men Make When Approaching Two Women

She is immediately going to throw you under the bus, and she’s going to put self doubt into the friend you like. Which in turn will create what? You may not get the phone call back, and you may not be able to see her again. So always take what I call the high road, automatically assume the one you like likes you back.

The biggest tip to remember is she’s going to like you a lot more if you like her friend. It’s because her friend is going to talk you up non-stop afterwards, even though her friends not getting any play or action in the future. Great tip guys, it took me a long time to learn that one, but I guarantee you’ll have greater success when you meet two women.