The 7 Best Ceiling Fans for Your Bedroom in 2022

A ceiling fan can make your bedroom feel up to five degrees cooler than it would otherwise. Although a ceiling fan doesn’t lower the air temperature, it creates air currents that make your skin feel cooler.

If you live in a temperate climate, a ceiling fan might be all you need to stay comfortable on warm nights. In a hotter climate, a ceiling fan will work with your air conditioner by distributing cooled air evenly throughout the bedroom.

Choosing the best ceiling fan for bedroom spaces can feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of fans available. That’s why we created this list of ceiling fans that impressed us the most, and why.


Best Buy

1. Hunter Echo Bluff 42 in. LED Ceiling Fan




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For over 135 years, the Hunter Fan Company has been making traditional ceiling fans to coordinate with all decor styles. With the Echo Bluff 42 in. LED Ceiling Fan, Hunter has scored a great balance between classic fan design and modern ceiling fan features.

The Echo Bluff’s five ceiling fan blades have updated clean lines and are available in white or two reversible blade options: light brown oak/medium brown walnut or harvest mahogany/light maple. Choose from brushed nickel, premier bronze, or white metal housing and trim. This ceiling fan kit includes a 3-bulb LED light fixture with frosted glass shades, but you can install it without the lights if you don’t need them.

The Echo Bluff has a 42” fan blade span that is appropriate for a small bedroom such as a guest bedroom or nursery. It has a flush-mount design, which means that it rests close to the ceiling and is ideal for low ceiling heights. The entire unit weighs just over 21 pounds and offers a good value for the money.

The 3-speed WhisperWind motor is designed to produce quiet, but powerful airflow. Depending on how sensitive you are to background noises, you may notice a slight hum when the fan is running.

Unlike less expensive fans, it doesn’t wobble at higher speeds. Experienced DIYers find the Echo Bluff easy to install, while others may find it a bit challenging.


2. Honeywell 51459-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51459-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan, 52, Matte Black


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Not only is the rustic chic Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan gorgeous, but it also comes with a really cool remote control for gadget geeks. You can adjust the light, fan speed, and more without ever leaving your chair. What’s more, the remote control is compatible with Alexa and Google Home with the purchase of a Bond Home device.

The Carnegie is compatible with any type of ceiling height and slope, as it has dual mounting capabilities. Flush mount the fan for low ceilings or use the downrod mount for taller ceilings. A 52-inch fan blade span is powered by a strong motor with seasonal reversibility.

This ceiling fan has a reputation for tricky installation, but we find its unique modern-rustic design worth the potential struggle. It has a matte black housing and five broad reversible blades in two rustic finishes: mopane (a variegated African hardwood) and burnt oak (a dark charcoal grey).

The fan’s dark colors form a strong background for the shiny copper light cage fixture. Instead of ordinary LED bulbs, it’s set with vintage Edison bulbs for a design touch not found on many fans at this price point.


3. Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Brushed Nickel LED Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in Brushed Nickel LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan


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Harbor Breeze is Lowes’ house brand name for ceiling fans manufactured by Litex Industries. The Armitage 52-inch Brushed Nickel LED Ceiling Fan is a budget-friendly choice for traditional home interiors. Its 52-inch diameter ceiling fan size fits well in a medium or large room up to 400 square feet.

It has a three-speed, AC motor that provides ultra-powerful airflow. It’s also reversible at the flip of a switch, so you can enjoy air circulation without cooling during the wintertime.

Its low-profile design is great for average bedroom ceiling heights and the single frosted glass globe LED light fixture adds simple elegance to the design. It houses a dimmable LED light bulb, which may be a little dimmer than you anticipate. A pull chain allows you to operate the light kit and make quick adjustments between three fan speeds.

The linked model has a brushed nickel metal housing, but the same fan is available in matte black, bronze, and white. Five reversible ceiling fan blades are a warm toffee brown on one side and a deep cocoa shade on the other.


4. Portage Bay 50252 Hugger 52

Portage Bay 50252 Hugger 52" Brushed Nickel West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit


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Most ceiling hugger fans only promise 12 to 14 inches of clearance, but when vertical space is tight, you might need a smidge more. This is one of the most compact flush mount fans out there at just 11.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit.

In a basement bedroom or older home where you need even more clearance, the West Hill ceiling fan allows you to gain another few inches of headroom. Simply use the endcap and install the fan without the light fixture.

The Portage Bay 50252 Hugger 52-inch West Hill Ceiling Fan is affordable and has a modern, simplistic style that merges with any home decor. Reversible blades are warm maple on one side and deep walnut on the other, and both colors pair well with the brushed nickel housing. The light is dimmable between 10 and 100% and is encased in a curved, frosted glass fixture.

The reversible motor offers three fan speed settings and the ability to quickly change the circulation direction between seasons. This quiet ceiling fan is 52 inches in diameter, suitable for up to a 20×20 foot room. It may not be the quietest ceiling fan, but unless background noises are an issue for you, you’re not likely to notice the light hum while it’s spinning.


5. Hampton Bay Glendale 42 in. LED Indoor White Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Glendale 42 in LED Indoor White Ceiling Fan


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Hampton Bay is Home Depot’s house brand for Litex Industries fans and offers a similar level of quality and features. The Hampton Bay Glendale 42 in. LED Indoor White Ceiling Fan with Light Kit is a good choice if you need a solid white ceiling fan with a smaller radius. If you tire of an all-white fan, its five blades reverse to a bleached oak finish.

This is also a great choice if you need a downrod mount from a taller ceiling height. It includes a 4.5-inch downrod that gives the fan an overall height of 18.7-inches, but you can purchase a longer downrod for tall vaulted ceilings. The 3-speed motor with reverse is designed to circulate cool air throughout smaller bedrooms around 10×10 feet.

The Glendale’s light kit has three LED bulb sockets and each includes a frosted glass shade. It’s one of the quieter ceiling fans available today, making it perfect in nurseries and other small bedrooms. Installation is fairly easy, but some people have trouble fitting the light kit wires into the housing. Home Depot provides a helpful installation guide video if you need help.


6. Home Decorators Collection Ashby Park 52 in. Ceiling Fan

ceiling -fan-2



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Although we find them quite attractive, ceiling fans aren’t exactly sought-after by interior designers. Their reasoning is that other light fixtures add more impact to the room’s decor. While that is often true, in hot climates a ceiling fan is a necessity for creating a cool sleeping environment.

Home Depot’s Home Decorator Collection hopes to solve that problem by offering a carefully curated collection of ceiling fans, furniture, light fixtures, and other elements that elevate your home’s style. The Ashby Park 52-inch Ceiling Fan is one of the simpler styles in the collection but it will fit into literally any type of home decor.

As the name indicates, this fan includes features that demand a higher price point. However, the handheld remote control allows you to choose between dimmable soft white, daylight, and warm white lighting. It has an integrated LED module light kit which eliminates the need to replace bulbs.

The brushed nickel housing has a clean, modern appearance and accentuates five reversible blades in contemporary blackened oak and grey washed oak. Like other fans designed for medium-to-large rooms, it has a 52-inch span. Its three-speed motor delivers some serious airflow.


7. Portage Bay 51442 Miller Park Ceiling Fan


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White ceiling fans are always in style, especially with farmhouse, beachy, or cottage decor. The Portage Bay Miller Park Ceiling Fan has reversible blades that offer this casual style in two ways: solid white and whitewashed grey oak. The metal housing and brackets that attach to the blades are white.

It has a 44-inch fan blade span that sufficiently cools a small bedroom without visually taking over the space. Each branch of its 3-arm light kit ends in a simple frosted glass shade and light bulbs are included.

A pair of pull chains operate the light switch and the fan’s three speeds. The fan can either be flush mounted or downrod mounted. Installation is pretty straightforward for anyone who’s installed a ceiling fan before, but newbies might struggle a little with getting the screws and holes to line up correctly.

This is the lowest-priced fan on our list of favorites, so definitely give it more than a glance if your budget is tight or you need to purchase a lot of fans for your home. It’s a solid ceiling fan that operates quietly and offers more than enough light to illuminate a 350-400 square foot bedroom.


Ceiling Fan Glossary

Modern bedroom with ceiling fan

Airflow Efficiency

A rating that measures a ceiling fan’s airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) per one watt of electricity used. The higher the CFM, the more energy-efficient the fan. Look for a minimum efficiency number of 75.

Angled Mount

A specially designed mount that allows you to hang a ceiling fan evenly from sloped ceilings or angled ceilings. If the fan you want doesn’t come with an angled mount, you may be able to find an adapter kit.


An unbalanced fan will wobble, often loudly. Your ceiling fan may come with a balancing kit that includes small weights to keep your fan from wobbling. If not, you can buy a balancing kit at any home improvement store.

Damp Rated

This type of ceiling fan is intended for outdoor use under a covered roof, such as on a covered patio or porch. It can withstand humidity, heat, and mist—but not direct rainfall. A damp-rated fan is also ideal indoors in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where high moisture levels may damage a dry rated ceiling fan.

DC Motor

Ceiling fans with a DC motor are the most efficient types of fans. They can consume up to 80% less energy than traditional AC fans. Note that most budget ceiling fans still use AC motors.

Downrod Mount

Designed for high ceilings, a downrod mount extends the distance between the ceiling and the fan’s motor. A short downrod comes with many ceiling fans; in most cases, you’ll need to purchase a longer downrod separately. For safety reasons, make sure the downrod doesn’t place the bottom of the fan lower than seven feet above the floor.

Dry Rated

Indoor-only ceiling fans that should be limited to living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and other rooms where excessive moisture isn’t a factor.

Fan Blade Span

The complete width of the fan; the size of the circle you see when a ceiling fan is in motion. The edges of your fan blade span should be at least 18” from each wall.

Fan Blade Pitch

Describes the angle of the tilt on each ceiling fan blade. This angle is one of the factors that determine the strength of a fan’s air circulation. The ideal fan blade pitch is between 12 and 15 degrees.

Flush Mount

Also called low-profile or hugger fans, these ceiling fans are mounted directly to the ceiling. Ideal for a lower ceiling height, a hugger ceiling fan has less powerful airflow than one that’s not as close to the ceiling.


The metal cylinder or decorative covering that conceals and protects the fan’s inner workings. The motor housing protects the motor while the switch housing covers various wires, switches, and other components.

Motor Speed

A ceiling fan’s motor speed is measured in rotations per minute (RPMs). RPMs range from 20 to 300, depending on the fan blade span. UL standards place limits on how fast ceiling fans can spin.

Reversible Blades

A special type of ceiling fan blades that direct airflow in both directions at the same time. They equalize air pressure, improving ventilation. The term is also used to describe ceiling fan blades that have a different color on each side, allowing you to change the look of your fan without installing a whole new unit.

Reversible Motor

A reversible motor is one that has a switch to reverse its spinning direction. Ceiling fans typically force air downward, into a downdraft that makes the room feel cooler. By flipping the motor reversal switch, you can turn the downdraft into an updraft that that pulls air from below the fan. This clockwise rotation helps circulate warm air throughout the room.

Wall Control

A simple switch or sliding knob used to turn your ceiling fan on and off. It may be on the room’s light switch plate or installed separately.

Wet Rated

A wet rated ceiling fan can be safely installed in a pergola or another structure without a solid roof. It is able to withstand exposure to direct rainfall. While indoor fan design options are practically unlimited, you’ll find that there are only a few available styles of wet rated fans.

The Verdict

If we had to pick just one ceiling fan for our own bedrooms, we’d go with the number one item on our list: the Hunter Echo Bluff. It’s a good size for the average bedroom, and it has a nice, bright light fixture. Its price point is a little higher than other models in the “budget fan” category, but it’s still highly affordable. Plus, the quality of materials—and Hunter’s reputation for building fans that last 25 years or more—make it well worth the slightly higher initial investment.

However, if you have a high or sloped ceiling in your bedroom, the flush-mount Echo Bluff won’t work. You’ll need a downrod mount fan. We recommend Honeywell’s Carnegie ceiling fan, not only because of its mounting flexibility but because it’s a truly beautiful fan with a great remote control. Just be prepared to pay nearly twice as much for this level of style and functionality.