The 50 Best Hobbies That Make Money

Everybody has hobbies. For some, it is something relaxing like reading or gardening. For others, it is an activity that is a little more active like mountain bike riding or playing some kind of sport. Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, it is a great way to learn new skills or increase your knowledge. But along with having a hobby that is enjoyable, there are also many hobbies that can make you money. 

These types of hobbies can earn you extra cash to supplement your day job. Even if you don’t think you have the necessary skills, there are many side hustles and creative hobbies that are easy to pick up. Whether you are looking at driving for Uber on the weekend or starting a YouTube channel talking about your favorite video games, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

To give you an idea of what hobbies can make you some extra money, here are 50 of the best.

1. Sell Goods Online

business owner sells good online

The internet has enabled a huge range of ways to make extra cash during your spare time. One great hobby is selling goods on eBay. This can be anything from old clothes to books to your collection of vintage action figures. This is one of the easiest hobbies you can crack on with as it doesn’t take any money to set up. Just create an eBay account, put your wares on display, and wait for the money to come rolling in. Ok, there might be a few more steps involved but it is fairly simple to organize and is a great hobby to make some extra money. You also don’t just have to use eBay. Facebook Marketplace is another great way to trade goods, as is Gumtree. 

2. Freelance Writing


If you enjoy writing why not make some coin while doing it? There are so many things you can write about and places to ply your trade. Freelance writing can be applied to everything from writing blog posts and articles to creating content for websites and start-ups. It is also a great way of combing other hobbies. If you love music, start writing about that and you might find yourself getting free albums to review and concert tickets while also getting paid. There are lots of websites where you can look for writing jobs, such as Upwork or iWriter, with Zip Recruiter revealing the average freelance writer salary to be a tasty $61,573.

3. Social Media Manager

scoial media content

Almost everybody uses social media these days. It has become an important component of almost every business and created a new type of job; social media manager. While many of these positions are full-time, there are just as many part-time or casual jobs available. This is the type of gig you can do from anywhere, which is also handy in the current climate. There are many small businesses that know little about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, so you can capitalize on your skills. There is also the chance of this hobby leading to something full-time, which is great if you really enjoy working in the world of social media. 

4. Gardening/Landscaping


Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with this seasonal hobby. This is ideal for those with a green thumb who have a lot of spare time on their weekends. With the way the world is these days, many people can’t afford to pay top dollar to big landscaping companies, which is where you can take advantage. If you offer competitive rates, there is a great chance people will be willing to employ you, especially if they know you are taking this on as a second job. 

5. Become an Influencer



The life of an influencer seems like the dream job, but it involves a lot more hard work and graft than you probably think. You need to think about the type of identity you want to create and how you are going to go about it. You have to be prepared to put yourself out there and really push hard to create content and get people interacting with you. Then you need to build up a rapport with brands to promote products and get paid. You need to be able to handle people seeing you 24/7 and really putting your life out there for everyone to see. Also, remember that sometimes payment comes in the form of free stuff and not actual money. 

6. Graphic Designer

Be a freelance graphic designer or illustrator.

Graphic design is another fantastic hobby for those who have the skills. Whether it is your day job or something you dabble in, there are hundreds of freelance graphic design jobs on offer around the world. Like freelance writing, graphic design is one of those jobs you can work remotely. All you need is your laptop and you are good to go. It often pays really well also, which is what you want when it comes to hobbies that make money. 

7. Start a Podcast


If you are a talker, starting a podcast could be right up your alley. All you need is a microphone and the right software on your computer and you can be the next Joe Rogan (minus the $200 million paycheck). Getting your podcast out there is easy, with so many different outlets available now, including Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Earwolf, and more. The only thing is you probably won’t be making much money to begin with. 

8. Calligraphy

man doing calligraphy

Your great handwriting can finally be used for something positive. Calligraphy might sound like a strange hobby to pick up to make extra money, but hear us out. You can use your writing skills to create wedding invitations, cards, flyers, letterheads, and many other things. This is a great retirement hobby for those with a bit of time on their hands. 

9. Start a Blog

Start a blog.

These days blogs are a dime a dozen, so while you can still make extra money from creating one, you will need to make sure it is unique and chock full of engaging content. There are dozens of high-quality websites where you can host your blog. Once you have that sorted, all you need to do is start creating content and use social media to get the word out. Hopefully, you can attract some advertising and earn yourself a little coin while writing about things you enjoy.

10. Drive Uber


Here is one hobby that is an easy way to make money. Uber is one of the biggest company’s in the world and enables lots of folks the chance to earn money while doing something that doesn’t require more than the ability to drive. It will help if you know your city or town, but then that’s what google maps are for. This is a great side hustle for those who enjoy talking with strangers and seeing all parts of their city. You also don’t have to drive Uber, with the likes of DiDi, Ola, and Lyft other viable options. 

11. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel.

Credit: Sutipond Somnam /

Hobbies that make money don’t come easier than starting your own YouTube channel. Whether you are into video games, enjoy collecting toys or bake in your free time, YouTube allows you to post videos and receive a small income for your troubles. This hobby does require a bit more equipment, as you will need a video camera or phone to shoot your videos and the editing software to make sure they are up to scratch and ready to post. To make your channel a success you will need to build a community, as the more subscribers you have, the more your videos are being watched, and the more money you can make. 

12. Transcriber

man wear headphones use laptop for transcribe

This might not be the most enjoyable hobby on this list, but you can make some good extra money in your spare time. This is a rather simple hobby that doesn’t require any real skill. You just listen to audio recordings and transcribe what you hear. There are lots of companies that offer this service, such as TranscribeMe, so get cracking. 

13. Teach Music 



If you have any musical talent then you should share the love with those who struggle. Teaching music enables you to not only indulge in your passion but help someone else learn more about it. This can be a profitable hobby as people who teach music on the side can make decent money. This is the type of hobby you can also take part in without having to leave home.

14. Dog Walker

Dog Walker - Best Outdoor Jobs For Outdoorsmen

Love dogs? Then dog walking is the hobby for you. This is a super fun hobby that involves, you guessed it, walking dogs. You can join up with a professional organization or start your own dog walking business. You will no doubt get the chance to interact with a variety of different breeds of dogs while getting out and about. The only downside is picking up the shit from all the dogs you are looking after. 

15. House Sitting

man with laptop sitting on floor in living room

It might come as a surprise but lots of people like to have someone looking after their home when they are away. Whether they are taking an extended vacation overseas or a weekend away, there are many opportunities to house sit for people. If you travel quite a bit with your own full-time job this can be a good way to make some passive income while also having a place to stay. You probably want to find people who are looking for someone to house sit for weeks or months at a time, otherwise, you’ll find yourself moving about every few days. 

16. Yard Sale

family clearing for yard sale

Have yourself a yard sale. There is no doubt you have a house full of things you no longer need, so you should turn that into cash. While not everything you own is going to be seen as a great buy, a yard sale is still an ideal way to clear out some space at home. Hopefully, your neighbors have a great collection of things they are also looking to sell so you can attract a good crowd of people. 

17. Painting Houses

man painting the house wall

It sounds boring, and to be honest, it kinda is, but this is one hobby where you can make good money. Painting houses isn’t difficult, just time-consuming. There are start-up costs, such as purchasing the right equipment as well as the paint for the job, but then you can charge decent money for your services. This is one hobby that might be good to do with a mate so you have someone to talk to, otherwise, just turn up the radio and get your paint on. 

18. Complete Surveys

man fill up personal information on website

This hobby isn’t going to bring the big bucks in, but it doesn’t take much time and can be done while relaxing on the couch. Completing branded surveys has quickly become a great way to make money online. Most surveys only take five minutes to complete, so you can conceivably knock off a dozen in an hour. Unfotanely not all pay cash, with many substituting this with a gift card. A gift card can be great if it’s for a store you frequently shop at, but if it’s money you are after you might have to be more selective with what surveys you take part in. Some of the great survey sites include Survey Monkey and Swagbucks

19. Professional Gaming

professional gamer on tournaments for online video game

Who would have thought all those years playing video games as a kid would actually lead to a hobby that makes you money? Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry these days and gamers are taking their cut by playing professionally. Professional gaming can include playing for a team in championship events in front of thousands of fans or streaming from the privacy of your own home. Both can make you a good deal of coin and only require a console or computer. If you are a streamer, there are several major platforms you can sign up to and stream your content, with the more subscribers you have, the more money you are likely to earn.

20. Bartend


This might be seen as more of a part-time job than a hobby, but if you really love making drinks, serving drinks, and drinking drinks, this is the hobby for you. With the pandemic putting massive pressure on the hospitality industry, there has never been a better time to get find a job, even if you have no previous experience. This is pretty much a learn-on-the-job type gig anyway and will have you learning new skills while making bank. As you rely on tips, be sure to treat your customers with respect and get them on the side. 

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21. Garage Sale



What’s the difference between a yard sale and a garage sale I hear you ask? Well, a garage sale is items you are selling while a yard sale also includes items your neighbors want to get rid of. A garage sale also usually occurs in your garage, while a yard sale on someone’s yard. Now we have that out the way, a garage sale is an easy way to not only make money but also rid yourself of possessions you no longer need. This could be anything from old books to work tools. Anything goes at a garage sale. 

22. Airbnb

Castles You Can Actually Rent On Airbnb


This might be a strange thing to place under the hobbies that make money banner, but Airbnb can make you a passive income while you are not at home. If your day job finds you traveling a lot or you are going on an extended holiday, signing up to Airbnb and renting your place out is an easy way to make bank. It doesn’t require a lot of work on your end or any type of special skill, just list your property and you are good to go. 

23. Photography


Combine your passion for photography with smart business ideas and start shooting for money. Whether this involves being a wedding photographer, taking family portraits, or even snaps of people’s pets, photography is another one of those easy hobbies that makes money for you to enjoy. While it will help if you have the right skills and are familiar with editing photographs, this is something you can easily learn via online tutorials. 

24. Donate Sperm

man donate sperm to doctor in hospital

It is fair to say for some, masturbating could be considered a hobby, especially if it is an activity you participate in regularly. If this is the case, you can continue to enjoy yourself while also making some extra money. Visiting a sperm bank and donating your discharge is easy money, but there are a few moral obligations. While you aren’t responsible for the child that could be born thanks to your offering, you have to be prepared for multiple children rocking up on your doorstep 18 years down the track looking for their ‘real dad.’ Just a friendly warning. 

25. Flea Markets


If you don’t want to open your home up to strangers to sell all your old stuff as a garage sale, set up a stall at your local flea market. This way you are guaranteed people will be there to check out your goods and it also enables you to have a look around and see if there is anything that takes your fancy. Flea markets are best for those wanting to sell clothes, antiques, books, and similar items that can net you a tidy profit. 

26. Investing


Be it bitcoin, shares, or a start-up business, investing your own cash is another hobby that can lead to a passive income. The advent of the internet means any Joe Blow can jump online and start trading. We do advise that you do your research before investing your hard-earned. Bitcoin has been on a big slide all year and is a risk, while stocks are all over the place. If you invest wisely this is one of the easier ways to make money online from your hobby. 

27. House Flipping

Crowdfund real estate.

This is one of those hobbies that can make big time money, but it also requires a bit of an investment and lots of your free time. You will put a lot of time and energy into this hobby, but the financial rewards are worth it. With the current climate, you could add an extra $50,000-$100,000 to your finished home. This is a lucrative hobby but one that does require determination, money, and lots of hard work. 

28. Car Detailing



Here is a hobby that can quickly become a small business idea. Those that love cars will be all about this hobby. Detailing cars is a great way for you to not only make cars look brand new but get the chance to view and maybe even drive automobiles that you would normally never get the chance to, especially if you aim to detail luxury cars. While you will need to purchase some equipment, if you are good, this can become a lucrative hobby and make you some extra cash on the side. 

29. Affiliate Marketing 



This involves you being paid to market other people’s products. This can be done on your blog or website, or through a social media platform. Normally you get paid on a commission basis, depending on how big your online presence is. If you are a successful influencer or marketer, you might get paid a large sum to help spread an affiliate link. While this hobby isn’t as big as it once was, it is still an easy way to make some extra income. 

30. Book Reviews


That’s right, you can make extra money just by reading books. Places like the Online Book Club and Reedsy pay you to read books and write reviews. If you are already an avid reader, you might as well get paid for enjoying your pastime. This is one of the easier ways to combine your favorite hobby with earning some coin. Every company has its own set of rules and guidelines. and pay differently, so be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing up. 

31. Create Music

man creating music in studio with modern equipment

Now, this is a creative hobby that will bring you much joy but not always a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you have your own band or make music at home by yourself, there are many platforms where you can put your music up for sale. While Spotify is the big dog, you will make jack all. Your best bet is to use Soundcloud or Bandcamp. These are two great services that reward you for selling your music. If you get good enough, you can also start playing shows and selling merch, which are other ways to make some money. 

32. Cooking Classes


Cooking has become even more popular since the lockdowns. With everyone forced to spend their time inside, more and more people began experimenting in the kitchen. It isn’t too late to jump on to this craze and offer your skills to those who struggle to boil water. You can hold your own classes or even host tutorials online. Set up your own YouTube page and entertain and educate with your cooking skills. 

33. Editing Videos

man edit videos in a studio

There is a big market for those who like to edit videos. If this is one of your hobbies you might as well make some money doing it. Many small businesses don’t have the resources or know-how to edit their own videos, so source freelancers from outside. You could find yourself editing YouTube videos or helping edit company videos for the workplace. 

34. Coffee Seller


Coffee itself is a hobby for many, so take advantage of your love for the dark roast and start selling your own coffee beans. Now depending on how much coin you have, you can either buy already roasted beans or set up your own little roaster at home and do it yourself. Create a unique flavor that you can package and sell to your family, friends, and even local supermarkets. Set up a stall at your local flea market and see if you get any takers. 

35. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer - Small Business Ideas For Men

Many fitness trainers started out as regular people who just enjoyed working out and hitting the gym. Taking a class or two a week means you can not only get fit but also get paid to do so. Of course, it all depends on the gym, with some offering free membership in exchange for you hosting a couple of classes. You could always run your own class outside the gym and charge people. The main thing is you are enjoying yourself and helping others on their fitness journey.

36. Web Design

web design ideas layout of a man

Tinkering around on the internet and creating websites is a handy skill to possess. There are always businesses and companies looking for people to help design their websites. You can do this on a casual or part-time basis and make some extra money. This is quite a lucrative hobby that can easily turn into a career. You will have to be proficient with several website hosts, such as WordPress, but once you have the basics down pat you will be ready to start creating. 

37. Stand-Up Comedy

stand up comedian hosting in the evening

Think you’re a funny guy? Spend your free time cracking jokes and generally making a fool of yourself? Why not try stand-up comedy? There are always open mic nights where you can try out new material, get some experience, and possibly earn a little extra coin by winning. Once you have put in the hard work you can try your luck at your local comedy club. If you are as funny as you think, you might be able to secure a regular spot and start making some money. 

38. Arts and Crafts

man painting self-made pottery mug at home

This won’t be for everyone, but making your own arts and crafts creations and selling them online is easy money. This creative hobby allows you the freedom to make what you want. It could be anything from t-shirts to mugs to illustrations. There are many sites you can sell your wares, but the best and most well-known is Etsy. Sometimes this hobby can lead to a real-life business, which is great if you have a passion for this type of thing. 

39. Professional Gambler

Teach English or a foreign language.

This is not one we recommend unless you are really good at gambling. There is more chance of losing money than winning, especially if you are unprepared. Lovers of poker who think they are decent can enter local tournaments and win some solid amounts of cash. Then you could try your luck at the casino. It’s not just cards though, with professional gamblers betting on everything from horses and dogs to basketball and football. Just be prepared to lose as much as you put in. 

40. Interior Designer

man thinking of furnushing his apartment

This is a career itself, but if you prefer to do it as a hobby, there is no reason why you can’t earn some money. Discover what your niche of home design is and offer your services to others. You can create your own schedule and even work from home, jumping on Zoom calls and offering your creative input on how people should style their homes. 

41. Mystery Shopper

shopping search concept

Here is something for those who consider shopping a hobby. The role of a mystery shopper is to enter a department store and take notes on what the service was like. You will make a purchase and then report back on your experience. As well as getting paid for completing the task, you also get reimbursed for the money you spent on the item you purchased, which is pretty swell. 

42. Participate in Market Research Studies

business people showing team work in board room

Brands like to know what the average Joe wants from their product so they conduct market research studies. These usually involve a group of people meeting up and answering questions about products and sharing their thoughts. Some of these can be really great, especially if it is a food or beverage company. You might get to taste a new meal or beer and discusses it with the group and look at marketing options. Best of all, you get paid for your time and can often win prizes. 

43. Live Streaming

man doing live streaming in studio

People live stream anything and everything these days. While it was mainly gamers who took advantage of this trend, it is now a massive industry where people stream themselves doing all sorts and making decent money. Twitch is the biggest platform, although YouTube is doing its best to take advantage of the live streaming craze. Just sign up to your preferred platform and start streaming. You can make money through advertisements and by also asking for donations. The best way to get more followers is to stream something people love (like video games) or find a niche (cooking tutorials) and make it your own. 

44. Write a Book


This is the dream of many. But writing a book isn’t that easy. The hardest part is actually sitting down and starting. But if you enjoy writing and really have a desire to write a book and get it out there, you can do it. Now we aren’t saying you are going to have a bestseller, nor that it will be picked up by a major publisher, but you can still sell it as an ebook. Amazon is the perfect place to sell your book and make your literary dreams come true. 

45. Become a Trivia Host

man show host presenting man on stage with trivia question

Who doesn’t love a good trivia night? Becoming a trivia host is a way to enjoy being involved in a quiz while also getting paid. Being the host allows you to ask questions and crack a few jokes while seeing who are the smartest people in the room. While some organizations that host trivia nights give you a selection of questions, others let you make your own, so you can cater the trivia night as you seem fit. 

46. Tour Guide



Explore your own city and show off your local knowledge with a group of strangers. Taking tours around your city is a fun hobby that can also earn you a little money on the side. It doesn’t just have to be a walking tour either. You could lead a bike tour through the streets, be part of a bus tour, or even host a ghost tour. You can charge per person or per group and make some tidy cash from this hobby. 

47. Flipping Furniture

man arranging cushion on armchair

If you enjoy collecting old furniture and doing it up, this can be a very lucrative hobby. Flipping furniture is similar to flipping houses, except on a smaller and much cheaper budget. Jump on Facebook Marketplace or other websites that sell secondhand items and see what is on offer. You can find people selling couches and tables for a few $100 that when refurnished, can often sell for three to four times as much, and that is being generous. 

48. Design T-Shirts

man do tshirt printing

Everybody wears t-shirts, so tap into this market and start your own brand. This is quite a cheap and effective way to make a little coin on the side. It doesn’t cost much to buy blank tees in bulk. You can then add whatever design or logo you like to the tees and sell them online. Set up a stall at your local flea market and sell your wares. Just be warned, this is a saturated market, so you will have to come up with some uniquely designed t-shirts to catch people’s attention. 

49. Fishing


This is a pastime many Americans enjoy. Whether it is the tranquility of casting off at your local lake or heading out into the ocean on a mate’s boat for a fishing expedition, there is something about catching a fish that calms the soul. If you enjoy fishing that much you should look at supplying your catch to local businesses. Obviously this means you will need to reach certain quotas, but if the fish are biting and you think are up to the challenge, give it a crack. 

50. Babysitting


If you get along well with kids you can take advantage of this by becoming a babysitter. While your siblings probably won’t pay you to look after their kids, there are plenty of other couples out there looking for someone to take care of their little ones. You can make good money with this hobby and it will only take up a few hours of your evening.