The 5 Best Man Cave Signs in 2022

You have always dreamed of having your own man cave, and the fateful day has finally come. You have this great room that is like a blank slate just waiting for you to turn it into a games room or home bar.

You will probably get a few gifts from your closest friends, some you may even be able to use as decor. However, it is up to you to outfit the space with furniture and decorative items.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your man cave is by hanging art or signs on the walls. It adds color and visual interest to the room while reinforcing the theme.

If you’re unsure of what type of sign to choose, read on, as we detail all the different types of signs and even include five of our favorites you can kick your man cave off with.

How To Choose a Man Cave Sign

Man cave entry sign

Choosing the right sign for your man cave is about knowing your end goal. Decide how you will use your man cave and the aesthetic you want to create. This can help you narrow down your options and choose the right sign to complement the rest of your decor.


Look at the wall space you have available and find a sign that fits in this space. Do not just eyeball the wall and guess its dimensions. Instead, get out your tape measure and know the height and width of the available space.

Always check the dimensions of the sign you want to buy before you purchase it to confirm its size before ordering.

You do not want to find the perfect sign, only for it to arrive, and you find out it is the size of a plaque instead of a wall piece. If you want to fill the wall with a single sign, then you need larger dimensions. However, you could create a gallery wall with multiple smaller signs.


The style of the sign you choose needs to complement the rest of the man cave’s style. If you have a more sophisticated man cave, then consider skipping the kitschy signs and instead look for a sign that is more like art. A rustic man cave can support signs that are not perfectly crafted with a more handmade feel. A minimalist man cave should have signs that are simple with minimal decoration and design.


The theme of your sign is different from the style. For example, you could have a rustic man cave sign that has a fishing, sports, or rules theme. Or you could have a vintage sign that has an automotive, beer, or farmhouse theme.

The theme of your man cave sign should reflect your interests and passions. This is not about matching the decor or having the sign look good. It’s about you looking at the sign and enjoying it.


Most man cave signs are wood, tin, stainless steel, or aluminum. These are affordable materials that look great and are durable. Aluminum and tin tend to be more lightweight than wood or steel. The construction of the sign should be solid and durable to ensure it lasts. This includes both the body of the sign, the design application, and the hardware to hang it.

Mounting Method

The mounting method is how you get the sign to hang on the wall. The simplest of signs have holes that you use to hook over a nail in the wall. This method is simple and fast but not the most attractive. This is the most common method on tin and aluminum signs because they are so thin.

A nicer-looking and slightly more complicated mounting method is a picture hanger on the back. This completely hides the mounting hardware and is typically used on wooden signs.

A third option is metal loops that you hook over a nail or picture hanging hook. These are typically used on wood or neon signs.


Types of Man Cave Signs

A neon sign that says “Man Cave.”


The majority of man cave-specific signs can be categorized into five groups. Depending on the vibe and theme you choose for your man cave, you could have one or more types of these signs.


These are illuminated signs that add a pop of color and brightness to your man cave. They tend to be the most expensive of the sign types but offer complete customization. This would give your man cave sign a personal touch. You will need to mount your sign near a power source to ensure you can turn it on. These funky signs are perfect for a bar, game room, or club.


A wooden man cave sign will have the durability that cannot be beaten.  They tend to have a more rustic feel, making them perfect for someone who loves the outdoors, country, hunting, fishing, or camping.

Depending on the finish and style, you can make a wood sign work for any design theme. A sign made from light wood with a simple design could work in a modern, contemporary, or Scandinavian-designed man cave. A darker finish can look more sophisticated. A rough finish feels more rustic, while one with a high shine varnish or lacquer looks more polished and elegant.

If you have experience working with wood, you can make your own sign for a personalized man cave sign.


These man cave signs take on the look and feel of classic road signs but with different messages. They are perfect for those who love to travel or have a passion for automobiles or motorcycles.

You can choose from modern or vintage-styled road signs, letting you tailor your choice to the vibe you have created. For example, there’s the classic “Route 66” or perhaps a modern street sign with a customized street name on it.


These fun signs add a bit of personality and humor to your man cave. They typically feature the classic large red warning image at the top with white space underneath where you can add your customized warning. These signs are best for the man cave that features an eclectic vibe or one that is relaxed.


Every man with a man cave has a set of rules that he expects his guests to follow. Having the rules prominently posted on a sign makes it simple to enforce the rules when the guys come over.

This sign is perfect for the take-command type of guy who wants to be the king of his man cave castle. You could keep the rule sign simple with a single most important rule or get more in-depth with several rules listed.

Lit or Non-Lit Sign



Should you hang a lit or non-lit sign in your man cave? You do not want your man cave to look like it is Christmas year-round with multi-colored lights. However, the right type of neon light can give your man cave an old-school bar or pub feel. The colored light casts a gentle glow that’s just bright enough to create a festive mood.

Unlit signs are easy to hang because you do not have to worry about placing them within reach of a power source. There are also many more options when you do not have to deal with lights. Typically, the lit signs are made of metal. But unlit signs can be made from metal, wood, or plastic.

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Best Buy

1. Man Cave Rules Sign

Bella Rosa Home Man Cave Decor - Man Cave Rules Sign - Gifts for Men who Have Everything


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This rustic-inspired wood sign is the perfect addition to the man cave decor in a dad’s personal space. It features a simple design that proudly states the man cave rules.

There are six rules listed on this wooden sign, letting guests know what is expected when they decide to enter the man cave. The rules listed are:

  1. My cave, my rules
  2. No sitting in my chair
  3. Hands off the remote
  4. Drink beer
  5. Women by invitation only
  6. Any objection to the rules, please refer to rule 1

The sign measures 14 x 11 x 1 inches, making it a decent size for any wall. It is constructed of three wooden planks that are held together by a cross piece on the back.

A nice touch is that it comes ready for hanging with a metal sawtooth hanger. This sign is perfect for a basement or one that is in a farmhouse, country cottage, or rustic-inspired space.

The lettering and artistic design have a vintage feel that would help it to blend well with other vintage or antique signs.

The finish on this wood sign is quite dark, making it less than ideal for man caves that have a Scandinavian, contemporary, or modern design. It also will not make sense for anyone who does not enjoy drinking beer.


2. Upon Further Review, I’m Going To Need Another Drink Sign

Toothsome Studios Upon Further Review I'm Going to Need Another Drink 12" x 8" Funny Tin Football Sign Man Cave Garage Home Sports Bar Pub Decor


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This bright yellow sign will add a bold pop of color to your man cave. Its bright yellow background helps the black design to be easily read and crisp. In addition, it features a drawing of a referee who claims that “upon further review, I’m going to need another drink.”

This tin sign would make for perfect wall art in a garage or sports bar-inspired man cave. This sign is good for the man who enjoys having a drink but does not necessarily drink beer.

One drawback of this sign is that it is a novelty size of 12 x 8 inches. Making it too small for wall decoration on its own. However, you could hang it with other wall art as part of a collection. Or you could place it on a shelf. It does come with four discreet pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.


3. Rouge River Tactical American Flag Metal Tin Sign

Rogue River Tactical USA American Flag Metal Tin Sign Wall Decor Man Cave Bar US Pledge of Allegiance


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Show your patriotic passion with this all-American wall decor. It is made from lightweight aluminum that is durable and corrosion-resistant, making it a great option for a garage man cave or mechanic shop.

It measures 12 x 0.1 x 8 inches, making it a bit on the small side. The American flag design has a weathered and rustic feel, making it feel slightly dirty. On the white stripes, you will see the pledge of allegiance.

The image is digitally printed onto the metal, giving it a crisp finish and deeper luster than if it was painted on. There are two holes on either side, which are ok for hanging, but oddly placed. This sign is perfect for the patriotic man or military member.


4. Any Name’s Man Cave Rules Custom Personalized Tin Sign



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This rustic designed man cave is perfect for the rustic, farmhouse, or vintage man cave. There are four rules prominently listed, with the ability to add a customized name at the top. This sign stands out from other personalized signs because it has plenty of vintage detailing.

It measures 9 x 12 inches, which makes it a bit on the small side but still large enough to read the rules listed easily. Even though the design on the front shows rusting, it actually will not rust because it is made from aluminum. Do not worry about where you mount your sign; the high gloss UV-Pro coating protects it from fading.

You will love the humorous vibe of this sign and the bit of fun it will add to your man cave. There are four rules listed:

  1. My cave, my rules
  2. No sitting in my chair
  3. Keep your hands off the remote
  4. Any objections to the rules, please refer to rule #1


5. Personalized Chalkboard-Look Man Cave Metal Sign

Personalized Chalkboard-Look Man Cave Metal Sign



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Take your bar sign to the next level by customizing it. This black sign is made from lightweight birch wood and painted black, yellow, and white.

Each custom sign is carefully handmade with your chosen name at the top. It comes in two sizes, 21 inches high x 16 inches wide and 15.5 inches high x 11.5 inches wide, making it easier to find the perfect sign for your man cave’s available space.

This custom man cave sign is perfect for a home bar with a beer mug prominently displayed in the center.

Unfortunately, mounting hardware does not come with the sign. This makes mourning it on the wall more difficult. However, there are pre-drilled holes that you can use with finishing nails.


If we had to pick just one man cave sign to recommend, it would be the Man Cave Rules Sign because it is a nice size and has a fun message that sets the tone for your man cave. The real wood construction makes it durable and gives it a high-quality feel. In addition, the included sawtooth hanger makes mounting this sign on your man cave’s walls simple and fast.