The 5 Best Man Cave Rugs in 2022

Your man cave is your private escape where you can relax, hang out with friends, and just be yourself while enjoying the hobbies you love the most.

It’s your personal escape from dad duties, work, or anything else that causes you stress.

Gone are the days of a lame basement with wood wall paneling and vinyl or carpet tiles on the floor. Modern man caves rival the coolest bars and look more like a private club.

From the ceiling down, your man cave can look and feel like a reflection of who you are. Rip that old paneling down and paint the walls a charcoal grey or bold red.

Cover that old vinyl up or rip it out completely and replace it with a modern wood laminate. Then arrange an area rug before adding furniture. These man cave rugs will add style and a personalized flair to your man cave.


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1. nuLOOM Contemporary Thigpen Area Rug

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Your area rug should complement and accent your man cave, not demand all of the attention. This polypropylene rug does just that. It comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, so that’s a rug for everything.

The serged borders help to give this low-profile rug a sleek design. The subtle pattern adds texture and visual interest without being too overwhelming. It works in a basement, spare room, or garage man cave. It’s designed to last, thanks to the power-loomed construction.

The biggest downside of this rug is that it can crinkle when it gets wet. This means you’ll need to avoid cleaning ideas that use liquid cleaning products or water.


2. Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Area Rug

Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Area Rug-Modern Morroccan Inspired Geometric Lattice Design, 4 x 6 ft, Ivory/Gray


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Give your man cave a touch of modern design with this geometric patterned rug. There are 13 colors and six shapes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect area rug for your man cave.

The low pile polypropylene is mounted on a durable cotton backing, giving you the best of both worlds, longevity, and easy maintenance. You’ll love that this rug doesn’t shed, which helps to keep your entire man cave cleaner. This rug is a great option for creating a living room feel with armchairs and sofas.

One potential drawback is that you’ll need to buy a rug pad for it. Otherwise, you risk the rug shifting or slipping, which can create a safety hazard. It also comes so tightly rolled that the rug creases, requiring a lot of work to reverse the creasing for the rug to lay flat.


3. NFL Tufted Area Rug



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If your basement man cave is a shrine to your favorite football team, then you need an area rug that is also a piece of sports memorabilia with your team logo prominently featured.

This richly colored rug comes in three sizes, 3 x 5 feet, 4 x 6 feet, and 5 x 8 feet. This makes it perfect for using several throughout the room.

You could have a large rug in the center of your game room, a small one at the foot of your bar stool, and a medium-sized rug in front of your dartboard.

The quality of this rug is nice, with accurate, true team colors. However, this isn’t the best rug if you are looking for something soft underfoot.

It also has loose strings, so you’ll want to take care of those before trying to vacuum it. Otherwise, you’ll risk pulling the rug apart as you vacuum.


4. ALAZA Vintage Baseball in Glove Area Rug

ALAZA Vintage Baseball in Glove Football and Basketball Area Rug Rugs for Living Room Bedroom 7' x 5'


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Do you have a passion for all professional sports? Then you need an area rug that reflects that. This nicely sized rug features a football, basketball, and baseball in a glove.

You have two options for the size of your rug, 5’3” x 4’ or 7 x 5 feet. These sizes give you flexibility in where you place your rug, from in front of your sofa to behind the bar.

One thing to note about this rug is that it isn’t really a rug; it’s more like a mat. It’s made from a soft sponger layer with an elastic cotton backing. This mat features rubberized dots to help prevent slipping.


5. Ottomanson Hundred Dollar Bill Runner Rug

Ottomanson Hundred Dollar Bill runner rug, 22" x 53', Multicolor


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This long rug is perfect for a hallway or as an accent for a mini kitchen or bar. Its shape should follow the shape of the room or area where you plan to place it. It comes in several sizes, making it easy to find the perfect size for your man cave.

There are also four different $100 bill designs to choose from. The 100 percent low pile polypropylene nylon material makes this rug a good option for high traffic areas.

You’ll find it easy to clean, thanks to its stain-resistant quality, so don’t be afraid to place it in an area where it might get spilled on.

The backing of the rug has a durable non-slip layer, so you won’t have to buy an additional pad or worry about the rug sliding around.

The biggest problem with this rug is the light colors. You’ll find that dirt is noticeable on the lighter areas, which means you’ll need to clean it more often than darker rugs. It will also take time for you to flatten it out since it comes folded tightly in a bag.


While all these rugs are fantastic, our top pick for the best man cave rug is the nuLOOM Contemporary Thigpen Area Rug because it has a subtle masculine feel that will complement a man cave. It also comes in several colors, shapes, and sizes for easy decorating. Its high-quality construction will ensure it lasts while the polypropylene makes for easy cleaning.

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