The 37 Coolest Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

With deep ties to the rock and roll era, this cut is as smooth and slick as it is suave and sophisticated.

Its bold impression is serious, yet still vividly fun; perhaps it’s a good reason as to why the pompadour has always been a popular choice.

Aside from product alone, the pompadour can be seen in any modern barbershop along with fades and uncombed sides. Even the front by the forehead can take on a messy or wavy appearance.

We wanted to break down the main types of pompadour for you and show you some great examples. Let’s take a look!

History of the Pompadour Haircut

It’s no surprise the pompadour ranks as one of the most popular men’s hairstyles at the barbershop. The cut dates back to the 1950’s and 1960’s where it took the spotlight in everything from automotive racers to folk music singers and more. Even famous actors like James Dean sported the pompadour, not to mention, the president Ronald Regan too.

Yet, you might be even more surprised to know this style actually started over three-hundred years ago by Jeanne-Antoinette Posson. She was the mistress of King Louis XV and known as the “Madame de Pompadour”. It wasn’t truly until the late 1950’s before this haircut would become treasured by males, though some still claim it started in the 1920s.

What’s clear however, is there’s no doubt about its massive surge in popularity with the birth of rock and roll. When Elvis Presley rocked the style in 1956, it rose to fame just as fast as he did. Soon after younger males of the working class took an interest in the cut; aka the greasers or rockabilly gentlemen.

Unlike most trends the style kept evolving over the years especially with bands, shifting from the jellyroll to the quiff and more. Sure, it lost its peak over the years however, the idea behind this haircut hasn’t changed a bit. In a sense, it is a symbol of both sexuality and sensuality all while being masculine, clean and rugged. It’s a showcase of free-spiritedness and makes a bold statement about a man’s personality.

Types of Pompadour Haircut

The way people have styled their pompadour has changed over the years. There are now many modern variations on the classic look. Here we take a look at the different styles available and see which one is going to suit you.

1. Classic pompadour

The classic pompadour is a slicked back, high grease hairstyle with sharp sides and a lot of shine. Both sides meet back at the nape of the neck into a duck tail. The lengthy front features a small round mound at the front of the forehead.

Classy Professional Pompadour Haircut Men

The classic pomp has long been associated with Elvis Presley and that’s probably the image you think about in terms of the classic pompadour. This style is defined by much longer hair on the sides than other types of pompadour.

Guys Short Pompadour Haircut

Those sides will still be cut longer than the top of the pomp, with the fringe left much longer. It’s perfect for those who want to really throw back to those days of the ‘50s. Most people these days opt for a slightly different type of pompadour and even the classic versions we’ve shown here have a modern twist.

2. Modern pompadour

Unlike the pompadours of the past, today’s modern cuts typically feature far less shine. With all sorts of more natural-looking grooming products available, the style varies vastly man to man. Of course, certain men still elect to follow the classic fashion statement of the greasers by using oil-based pomades extremely generously.

Thick Long Length Mens Pompadour Haircuts

Hard Part Pompadour Haircut For Men

The modern pompadour has the hair on the sides cut a lot shorter but still far from a buzzcut. It’s more of a fade but without being fully disconnected. The top of your hair doesn’t have to be fully slicked back either and is more about getting that famous height.

Pompadour Hair For Gentlemen

Mens Hair Pompadour

The modern pompadour is a bit less of a statement than the classic pomp and you’ll see many men wearing it today with style. With not as much requirement for shine, it’s also a little easier to maintain than the classic version.

Medium Length Guys Pompadour Hair

3. Faded pompadour

The modern pompadour has shorter sides than the original and the faded pompadour takes that one step further. Having a faded hairstyle has been popular for a long time and combining that with a pompadour will make you stand out from the crowd.

Undercut Shaved Sides Mens Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Haircut For Men

There are many different ways of having a disconnected pompadour as you can opt for a taper fade, a high fade a drop fade or any other style you want. The short sides of the faded pompadour help to give it a cleaner and professional look.

Pompadour Hair Style Men

Masculine Male Pompadour Haircut

If you wanted the cleanest looking version, then the faded pompadour is the one for you. It looks brilliant and also no shine is expected. That being said, you can still style it with your favorite product.

Mens Pompadour Haircut


Pompadours Hair Style For Guys

Pompadour Low Fade Haircuts For Guys

Pompadour Haircut Lengths

As well as the style, you also want to give some thought to the length of your pompadour. You can go for a safer shorter version or decide to be more daring. Here we take a look at some examples.

1. Short pompadour

The short pompadour is the easiest to maintain and can look fantastic on many men. It’s where the length of your fringe is much shorter and often the style is restricted to the top of your head rather than over to the nape of your neck. This style is almost always done with a fade.

Greaser Rockabilly Pompadour Haircut Men

Mens Hard Part Pompadour Hairstyles For Males

Men Pompadour Haircut

2. Medium pompadour

The medium pompadour is ideal for those who want to rock the classic style without committing to a full-length pompadour. It won’t turn as many heads but maybe that’s what you prefer. It looks great and can be styled in many different ways.

Modern Pompadour Mens Hair

Low Fade Mens Pompadour Hair

Medium Length Pompadour Hair For Males

Guys Undercut Shaved Sides Pompadour Hair For Men

3. Long pompadour

Want to wow the crowd? If so, then the long pompadour will certainly do that. The long hair on the top looks striking and you can do this in the classic style or go for a fade. We love the long pompadour and many others do too. You just need the confidence to carry it.


Short Length Wavy Pompadour Hair For Men

Dapper Fade Pompadour Mens Hairstyles

Slicked Back Pompadour Hair For Men

Classy Pompadour Hairstyle Medium Length For Males

Male Haircut For Pompadour

Different Pompadour Variations

Along with the common styles and lengths, there are popular variations of the pompadour. We look at some of the best here.

1. Bearded pompadour

We think a pompadour with facial hair looks epic. The beard compliments the pompadour, especially when there is a fade, as you have that disconnection on both sides of your face. As you can see from our examples, the results can be fantastic.

Haircut Pompadour For Males

Man With Slicked Back Short Pompadour Hair

Pompadour Fade Haircut For Guys

Old School Mens Pompadour Haircut

Male Hard Part Pompadour Hairstyle For Guys

2. Curly pompadour

Think the pompadour isn’t for you because you have curly hair? Then think again. The pompadour can work with any hair type. Having a thick volume of wavy hair on top of your head suits many men as you can see from this pic. A curly pompadour is a brilliant option.

Pompadour Hair Styles For Men

3. Textured pompadour

As we mentioned with the curly pompadour, not every version needs to be slick and combed back. Having more texture on the top of your head may suit your style. If you don’t want to fit your hair into the classic style, then simply go for the textured pompadour.

Thick Long Pompadour Hair For Men

Stylish Pompadours Hair For Males

Guys Pompadour Haircuts

Pompadour Hair Cut For Males

Male Pompadour Haircut