Ten Scented Man Candles For Your Manly Bachelor Pad

By and large, homes have always included certain areas that men prefer to inhabit. Masculine zones have been named game rooms, offices, workshops or even smoking rooms. These territories tend to have more masculine furnishings and artifacts.

Nowadays, the manly character of these spaces has revealed itself, and we freely call the male zone a “man cave.” Man caves have characteristics that appeal more to men and by design do not attract women. Scented man candles will enhance male only environments by reproducing aromas enjoyed by males more than females.

Scented man candles are the perfect manly gift item for men who are fortunate enough to have exclusive male territories in their bachelor pads or homes. Man candles are frequently made of soy wax which is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin wax. Soy candles do not produce petrol-carbon soot which can blacken walls and ceilings, and contaminate ventilation duct work.

Best Manly Candles – Men’s Candles for Your Bachelor Pad

1. Yankee Midsummer Night Candles

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Midsummer's Night

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Midsummer Night Candle by Yankee candles feature a masculine, manly blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany. When burning these manly candles maintain a very pleasant, but subtle presence in the area even when not lit. Although this aroma is designed for masculine preference, women also claim to like this scent very much. A medium size jar man candle lasts between 65 and 90 hours.


2. Woodrick Redwood Scented Manly Candles
 WoodWick Candle Redwood Medium Jar

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The Woodwick Candle in Redwood scent is a wax light that produces the aroma of redwood logs snapping and crackling in the fireplace. The redwood scent of the candle really does smell like the best of a wood fire and even makes fire-like crackling noises. This item is a terrific winter season gift and is contained in a reusable 10 ounce glass jar. This handsome item boasts over 100 hours of burning time.


3. Archipelago Black Amber Jar Candles
Stonehenge Glass Jar Candle 

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The Black Amber Jar Candle comes in an attractive black apothecary jar or a reusable tin. Reported to smell like a crackling fire, it has more of a hardwood aroma than evergreen. The Black Amber Jar Man Candle blends Dark Amber, Orange Blossom and Olibanum.

Olibanum is also known as frankincense and will boost the immune system and improve a somber mood. The hand poured soy wax blended with essential oils is the color of charcoal which looks great in its black and white jar. The wooden wick helps disseminate fragrance and delivers a mesmerizing crackle and flicker. No need to gift wrap because of the woven bag that wraps this candle. Burns about 40 hours.


4. Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candles
Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Soy Candle 

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The Bergamot Tobacco scent by Archipelago Botanicals is scented with Italian bergamot, lemongrass, patchouli, crushed nutmeg and tobacco blends. It evokes feelings of quiet studies, thoughtful reflection, favorite books and perhaps a good cigar. Bergamot Tobacco promotes tranquility and relaxation.


5. Bath And Body Works Henri Bendel New York Firewood Scented Candles
Henri Bendel Firewood Scented Glass Jar Candle 9.4 oz

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Henri Bendel New York Firewood candle is a Bath and Body product. Satisfied users claim it is great to use near a gas fireplace because the aroma evokes the snuggly feeling of being near a fire and replaces the aromatic pleasures of a wood burning fire. It is a very strong scent presented in a rugged and heavy glass. Used daily, it will last 3 months.


6. Baxter Of California White Wood Number Candles
 Baxter of California Scented Candle, White Wood Number Two

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The California Scented Candle by Baxter is a Soy Wax candle in a distinctly masculine tumbler that is large enough for a triple bourbon on the rocks. Its woodsy scent is from Bergamot which is oil from the rind of the dwarf Bergamot Orange Tree, Mandarin, Mission Fig and Santalum which is oil from the Sandalwood tree and Vetiver, a bitter grassy scent. To some, this aroma is reminiscent of freshly mowed lawns. The California Scented Candle lasts a very long 100 hours.


7. Blind Barber X Joya Tompkins Manly Candles
 Blind Barber Tompkins Scented Candle - Leather, Smoke & Lavender Scent for Men & Women, Natural Soy Wax with 40 Hour Burn Time (6.2 Ounce)

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Barber shops have historically been favorite male hangouts. The Tompkins scented man candle sold by Blind Barber produces a whiff of the best scents of the barber shop experience. The Tompkins candle smells like freshly laundered towels, honey, smoke, lavender and leather.

This item is of a dark midnight blue soy wax which is contained in a molded glass jar similar to the jar that a barber would set a razor in during a shave. It has a stainless steel lid to cover the candle when not in use which gives it an even more barbershop like appearance.


8. Paddywax Library Collection Edgar Allen Poe Manly Glass Candles

Paddywax Candles Library Collection Edgar Allan Poe Soy Wax Candle, 6.5-Ounce (Cardamom, Absinthe, Sandalwood)

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The Cardamom Absynthe model from Paddywax has mixed reviews. The fragrance is a potent earthy and floral tang at the same time. Cardamom Absynthe comes in a tin and its double wicks cause it to burn hotter and stronger. The tin is a handy receptacle to be reused for screws and nails in a workshop.


9. Woodwick Vanilla Bourbon Manly Candles

The Woodwick Vanilla Bourbon Candle burns hot with a larger than normal flame while producing crackling noises and a robust scent. Recipients of the Vanilla Bourbon variety have said it reminds them of maple baked hams. This mancandle comes in a 22 ounce jar with beautiful dark reddish brown wax and has been reported to send out a sweet aroma for up to 180 hours. There is a pleasant sooty smell that lingers long after putting out.


10. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Manly Candles

The Melton-Brown-Candela-Re-Charge- a black pepper spicy hot smell is developed exclusively for male environments. This dark black and brown candle is in a heavy frosted glass and has a hint of musk. Very macho, from the inside out.