How To Travel Alone and Meet Women

Traveling alone, it scares the hell out of some people and that’s why you do it. So I’m sitting in my hotel in Edinburre, that’s ed-in-burr-e, yet that’s one step to traveling alone, know how to pronounce the city that you’re in. Otherwise you’re going to look like the dumb American guy that doesn’t know anything about traveling. But here’s deal, and I know you have many excuses when it comes to traveling alone.

The first excuse coming to your head right now is, “You don’t have the money to travel.” But I didn’t say hop on a flight and go to Europe and walk around, I just said travel alone. It could be driving one hundred miles to a new town, or getting a hotel room in the middle of a city that you’ve never been that’s ten minutes away, and just do that for a night.


Traveling alone is great because it forces you to go out there and meet people, without the crutch of a wing man or the approach of another friend. One of the top first date tips for men I tell all the time, is to go and travel to a place you’ve never been before. Why? Because you go into the I am curious mode, and you start asking questions such as:

“I’m curious, what’s the best place for breakfast”
“I’m curious, what’s the best coffee around here.
“I’m curious I want to listen to some good music right now, what’s good tonight?”

It gives you that opportunity to go and become that social person without the pressure, which a lot of guys have. It eliminates the fear; for example if you go and talk to somebody at your local supermarket, and get rejected and assume everybody is going to talk about you. Or if you talk to a woman in the gym and think everyone is going to talk about you.

It gets all of those negative thoughts that you go through every single day out of your head, and makes you realize that you can actually go do this. So what I suggest is looking your budget and finding a trip you can afford, whether it’s for a night, an afternoon, or for an entire week, and travel alone.

Don’t necessarily go to a singles place either, travel to a city or travel somewhere that you’re interested in. Why? Because it will give you a lot of opportunities to ask a lot of questions and have a lot of fun!