how to resize an image in photoshop ?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Learn how to resize an image in Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Follow these steps

    Follow these steps to change the size of your image using the Image Size function.Go to File › Save As to create a new version of your photo before making permanent changes. This way, you keep your original image intact.resize an image in photoshop

  2.  Open it:

    Select the image you want to resize, then go to the main menu bar and select Image › Image Size to open the Image Size dialog box.

  3. Reframe it:

    The chain link icon next to Width and Height constrain its proportions — whatever adjustments happen to the width correspond in the image’s height. Click it to untie width and height to change the aspect ratio of your image — also known as document size or canvas size.

  4. Resample it:

    Keep the checkbox next to Resample selected if you want to keep your image dimensions the same while adjusting the resolution. Otherwise, adjusting resolution automatically changes the dimensions.

  5. Save it:

    Click OK to apply the changes to your image. 

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