How To Be Memorable Around Women and Create Attraction

Today I’m here in rainy London, what a shock rain in London this never happens right? Ah! Anyways we’re here talking to today, walking around and doing a little coaching, and one of the things I was talking about was how to be really memorable.

Most people are not memorable. Most people walk in the store to shop, and they walk in with an objective in mind such as to go buy a shirt, or a soda, a coffee or whatever it might be. But they don’t connect with anyone, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make.

How To Be Memorable Around Women And Create Attraction

When I walk into a store, for one I always want to be memorable, because if I go back to that store I want to be greeted like an old friend. So when I walk in I slow down, and I walk really slow and look around, immediately making direct eye contact with the person behind the register or the person walking around. I say, “How are you today”, or “How is your day going”, and immediately begin bonding with that person.

The reason being is because they are in zombie mode, as in an “Oh God I have to work at this store, I don’t like working here, and all the customers are rude”. Yet all of the sudden you become that guy, and you ask them something, like “how’s your day going”, and they start telling you, so you listen a bit and you find out something about them. But here’s the most important thing, you go to the same stores every single day, most of them being the exact same ones, but yet you don’t engage with that person behind the register.

Memorable Around Women And Create Attraction

Today we went to a sandwich shop, and I looked at the woman behind the register and I had an egg sandwich, and I said, “Maybe I’ll get the bacon one, what’s your favorite”? So she looked at me and said, “Ah, you got the egg one right”? So we played around for a bit and we talked, and I’m sure you wish you saw the conversation, but I’m giving you the highlights anyways. And all of a sudden as I left I looked at her and said “Annie you have a great day”, and she said, “You too” back to me.

So the next time I see her I can go, “Hey Annie how are you?” Meanwhile, Annie might be checking out somebody at the register who’s paying for food, and that might be the beautiful woman you always wanted to talk to. However it’s about creating attraction, and becoming memorable then creates attraction for all the customers in that store because you knew the store clerk or store manager. That’s it, time to go enjoy the rain.