Faux Hawk Hairstyles For Men – 40 Fashionable Fohawks

How can you get away with wearing a mohawk to the office if you’re a businessman? It’s simple, just play off the original style with the faux hawk, aka the fohawk.

From professional to more punk, when it comes to the faux hawk your options are endless. Sure, it’s just one single hairstyle for men however, you can easily personalize it to your liking.

That means the sides can be as shaved shorter, while the top can range from long (low) to short (high) in length. Even if you want to go the extreme route later on with a full mohawk you can always let it grow out.

The look: Hair combed together at the front to form a raised triangle in the middle. Precisely shaped at the forehead with short length sides.

It’s hard to go wrong with the haircut yet, many men still find themselves dealing with issues in the grooming department. Too much product or even the wrong product can really make your “faux hawk” look more like a “failed haircut”.

Understand that while the most popular, hair gel is not the absolute best choice for perfecting the style! Like the success of most grooming products, it really depends on one thing: your unique needs. If you have thin hair you’re going to need something different than a man with thick hair to make that front strip stand up.

Spend some time going over this hair guide, where I’ve compared Pomade vs Gel vs Wax for you. For some men glue is going to be the best choice, others might require a cream instead. About the only product you’ll generally want to shy away from is pomade for faux hawk hairstyles. It’s more shiny and flexible, which means it will look a bit unnatural, and your front triangle will work its way loose fairly easily throughout the day.

One of the best tips I can give you in addition to the above, is to make sure your hair is slightly damp before trying to shape your faux hawk. It will help a great deal when trying to get your hair to stay upright.

All styling tips aside, just consult this guide of the top 40 best faux hawk hairstyles for men below. You’ll get an idea of why the look grew so much in popularity during the 2000’s. Needless to say, it looks good! Plus, you can personalize it exactly how you like for a style that’s truly unique to you.

Voluminous Fohawk

man with voluminous fohawk hairstyle

This is a modern Fohawk haircut that classically features a lot of volume. The Fohawk style focuses on the fade line, which is created sharp, giving an impression of a definite volume. This hairstyle is suitable for men with thick and slightly curly hair.

It looks great when you maintain a shiny look. If you opt for this haircut always ensure you have the right gel and spray for this look. The styling variations of this haircut is not limited, so that allows you to rock it on many occasions, both formal and informal.


David Beckham Fohawk


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It is one of the most envied looks which you should consider in 2020 to transform your looks and rock a super-star look. The best part of this Fohawk is how well you can play around with it. In this haircut, the shaved hair on the sides is proportional to the tresses left in the middle for the Fohawk styling. Remember that if you leave long hair, the shaving will be light, and if you leave short hair, the shaving is a little bit deeper.

However, there is one aspect you shouldn’t forget about this haircut; if you are impressed with it, and you want to give it a shot, your face shape will come in handy. It is an ideal look for guys with the triangle-shaped face.


Short Fohawk

man with short fohawk hairstyle

If you have short hair, then the short Fohawk should be your preferred style. You can tell your barber to create any fade that you prefer. If you decide to DIY this haircut, remember that it requires a lot of patience to style, not forgetting that you should buy quality hair products. Since the hair is short, you may find it daunting to create the right shape.

However, with quality hair products, it will be less tedious to DIY a short Fohawk haircut. So, you would want to go for styling products that are more firm and hold well.


Sharp Slicked-Back Fohawk

man with sharp slicked back fohawk hairstyle

This haircut leaves the middle hair from the front to the back. To accomplish this look, you would want to grow your hair to medium length. The sides are cut, but not too high. The amount of hair cut on the sides determines how good or bad this fohawk will look.

The hair is then brushed from the side up, then back. Use a good styling gel to make it hold for long.


Undercut Fohawk

man with undercut fohawk hairstyle

Undercut Fohawk is one of the most fashionable and sought-after haircuts in 2020 since you can have your undercut designed in various ways. Considering there are so many undercut possibilities, you can get the best style according to your hair type and face shape. For instance, you can opt for disconnected undercuts if you like to “draw” patterns on it. The middle hair remains intact and can be of any length though the medium size is ideal for this haircut.

If you are the creative type of guy, you should definitely go for this look and create the best you can. This haircut requires a barber whose creativity is not limited. So, if you are not a professional DIYer, you don’t want to try this!


Long Fohawk

man with long fohawk hairstyle

Want to style your long hair to rock a Fohawk haircut? You can never go wrong if you choose a long Fohawk. It makes sure you maintain the length of your hair, only trimming the excess on the sides.

This hairstyling ought to be proportional; else, you will wish to have all your hair shaven for a fresh start. If you want it to remain in shape, make sure you use hair products that are firm to hold it together all day. Since the hair is long, it is easy for the wind to make you look unkempt. Something that will significantly discredit this haircut.


Curly Hair Fohawk

man with curly hair and fohawk hairstyle

This haircut is a must-try look for men whose hair is adorned with heavy, natural curls. It does not require a deep fade, as what is important is how to manage the curls. Since it is styled on natural curls, the hair is likely to hold for long and only requires lighter hair products.

If you want to minimize the curls, you can straighten them using a blow dryer. Then, proceed to set your haircut to look how you want.


Tight Military Fohawk

man with tight military fohawk hairstyle

It is suitable for guys who like having little to no hair on their heads. The haircut allows you to get rid of as much hair as possible, leaving thick, but very short hair on the middle of your head. The sides are then given a deep fade, making your head look cleaner and tidier.

Although this haircut is popular among the military personnel, anyone who dislikes much hair can make it their choice. It is easy to style and low maintenance, as well.


Messy Fohawk

man with messy fohawk hairstyle

This amazing haircut for men is usually suitable for young adults and teenagers with curly hair. As the name suggests, this style is messy and looks more of an unkempt hair. It focuses on the skin fade, and the hair on the middle has no particular way of setting. So you can set it in any way you like.

You can use your hand to make the messy look by scrunching the hair, but make sure the skin fade remains visible.


Disheveled Fohawk

man with disheveled fohawk hairstyle


Fierce Texture Fohawk

man with fierce texture fohawk hairstyle

Men with dense beards and a lot of thick hair look more masculine with this haircut. It allows them to maintain their beard, yet have that irresistible look. The fades are sharp, connecting the sideburns to the beard.

The hair is shaved a bit deeper on the sides, leaving a substantial amount in the middle. It should be of medium size, and you can comb it sideways or from front to backward, of course, using hair products that hold your hair firm. Do not forget to keep it shiny.


Dyed Fohawk

main with dyed hair in fohawk hairstyle

If you want to have a more casual look, a dyed Fohawk is undoubtedly your choice style. It does not matter the type of Fohawk you are wearing. What is significant in this cut is the color of your dye.

Long and medium fauxhawks look better when dyed than short ones. You can play with as many colors as you want, but make sure they do not give you a complete off look.


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