Fashion Tips for a Savvy Man To Look His Best on Short Notice

If given enough preparation time, any man can cultivate a handsome persona; however, it takes true style to conjure high caliber looks on extremely short notice. This uncanny ability is what separates fashion geniuses from the amateurs.

Fortunately, it is a simple feat to equip oneself with the capacity to instantly transform from slob into suave. The advice and tools detailed below can streamline a gentleman’s grooming regimen to make their methods of debonair wit completely portable for quick fix scenarios.

1. Comb and Gel


Hair is the feature that gets ruffled the fastest. For maximum masculine composure, a solid hairstyle demands non-stop care; otherwise, this asset can turn into a downfall. Messy hair can be detrimental in any professional setting, and sudden business calls can lead to laughable reputation for bed head. To prevent being caught offgaurd, a man should carry a comb in his pocket at all times.

Finely coiffed hair is the quickest way to manifest astute fashion. If possible, gel should also be kept on hand to correct stubborn strands. As a bonus, the right hair product can make inventive expressions possible within seconds. For social settings, spikes or mohawks can rectify any other absences in the style department.

2. Shaving Kit


Razors should never be lacking in a man’s style renewal repertoire. Long days can rapidly build a five o’clock shadow, and this should be eliminated with a smooth shave before any social engagements in the evening. A compact kit can make completing the task immediately efficient.

If time is short between scheduled events, a portable shear can be used on the go for instant results. Travel-size shaving cream makes the job easy, and aftershave can be used to reinvigorate a striking sheen. The presence of a cleanshaven face shows serious consideration for any occasion.

3. Tweezers and Trimmers


Errant hairs should always be plucked as soon as they appear. An unexpected unibrow can derail any man’s plans for a smooth evening. Nose hairs that begin protruding from the nostrils must be continuously eradicated.

For men that sport facial hair, trimmers are necessary to keep their presentation under control. A well-managed beard can be shockingly bold.

4. Cologne


Visual cleanliness is hopelessly in vain if unpleasant body odors are not swiftly handled. Lengthy work hours inevitably lead to a need for some kind of deodorant. If bathing is not a handy option, the wisest move is to mask unwelcome scents with provocatively charming cologne.

Subtlety is absolutely key to success in this realm. Excessive application can be painfully overpowering. Furthermore, this option only works as a stop-gap measure one time between showers. Employing repeated uses without a full cleaning is noxious and unhygienic. This powerful ally should not be abused; it is best when sparingly used.

5. Sunglasses


The eyes are the first place that reveal inner exhaustion. Dark circles can make a man look unfathomably tired; meanwhile, redness creates the unfavorable image of someone that was irresponsibly partying all night.

Luckily, these negative perceptions can be obscured with a polished pair of shades. Bleariness can be hidden by the sharp sunglasses, which elevates a defeated fashion presentation into the egotistical magnificence of rockstar roguishness.

6. Spare Shoes


No man can be expected to wear their fine leather footwear at all times; besides, that would scuff the delicate skin without reason. Sneakers are meant to absorb the wear and tear of unceremonious rituals, but sudden engagements can spontaneously sprout up.

This leaves unprepared men without any other option but to show up in their ragged old kicks. Meanwhile, savvy guys stash their classy loafers in their car for access at any moment. A stylish gentleman will never be stuck in his tennis shoes or galoshes when an urgent moment strikes.

7. Tie And Jacket


Right next to the spare shoes, a truly keen man also must keep an extra tie and jacket. Formality on demand is completely possible with these on hand. A t-shirt or tank-top can be removed from view to be replaced by an unequivocally professional visage.

8. Stain Remover


Culturally, white is still the most esteemed color for pure formality. Unfortunately, it is also the most susceptible to stains. It is fortuitous that modern times have yielded efficiently unnoticeable cleaning products that can be stowed away in any discrete compartment. As a result, white is no longer a daring risk, but it is still daringly bold.

9. Lint Catcher


The possession of this crucial item is especially important for any man that regularly interacts with animals. A small lint catcher can remove hair and dust from any fabric. This ensures presentability without the presence of pet sheddings. The vibrant impact of any attire can be revitalized by a single swipe. Any suit can now appear fresh from the laundromat.

10. Hats


Sometimes, disruptions arise without a single warning. Having a bold hat can distract from clothing that is less than fancy. As an intrinsic bonus, it can stylishly cover tangled locks. This accessory expresses pronounced personality with little effort. A wide variety of fine hats are socially accepted with high esteem. Whether a gentleman opts for a bowler or a cowboy hat, he is sure to instantly impress with his original flair.

11. Toothbrush


Oral care is a dire need to finalize a fashionable bravado. Sparkling white teeth dazzle beyond the scope of any wardrobe, and it is wonderfully rejuvenating to permanently stave off all concerns about bad breath.

12. Umbrella


Rain can infiltrate the core of any dashing arrangement if its destructive path is not averted. All the preparation in the world cannot withstand a downpour.

Showing up to an important meeting soaked is a surefire way to garner undesirable comedic value; contrastingly, the sheer foresight demonstrated by a slim umbrella can demonstrate intutive wit. All the while, it preserves a slick presentation in spite of erratic conditions.