accessoriesThis term, which appeared late in the language of fashion, covers objects responding to various functions: ornamental, convention (such as “container” objects from the 16th  century : umbels and  canes, hats from the 19th century ), protection (stockings, shoes) 1 .

There are several types of fashion accessories:

jewelry such as bracelets , rings , earrings , brooches , necklaces , clutches , body or outfit chains . The jewelry can be either unique jewelry , costume jewelry , or fashion designer jewelry , including ethnic or ethnic-inspired jewelry that also carries talismanic, shamanic, or clan symbolism,
body jewelry, intimate or not, such as the waist chain or anklet or piercings and other pins  ,
ties , lavallières and bow ties  ,
barrettes or tie pins  ,
watches , pocket with or without chain for Her or Him,
les badges ,
the cufflink (s)  ,
canes  ,
belts  ,
hats  ,
scarves  ,
fans  ,
scarves  ,
gloves  ,
spectacle binoculars .
glasses  ,
handbags  ,