Being Present When You Are Conditioned To Get to the Finish Line

Let’s talk about social programming and why you are conditioned to get to the finish line so much. Think about this, okay. All of you are here reading articles trying to work on your social skills, whether to get good with women, or better your conversation skills, yet all of you end up with different end results. Some of you want to get married, some of you want to get a girlfriend, and some of you want to go on dates or get laid, but whatever it might be you’re all so consumed with the end result.

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I want to take you back in time, when you were a child probably about two years old, you where very much about the present moment. Any of you that have nieces of nephews, sons and daughters, take a second to look at these children.

You’ll realize they don’t know what tomorrow is, or even understand what tomorrow is, and they don’t even understand what ten minutes from now means. They are all about living in the present moment until we condition them not to be.

Are We At The Finish Line Yet?

For instance remember when you where a little kid and you where in the back of the car, and you where four or five, and you asked your parents when are we going to get there already? “I want to get there” And your parents would say “ten more minuets”, “twenty more minuets”, and then “half an hour”. We’ll be there, we’ll be there they said. Meanwhile all you thought about was getting there, to your grandmother’s house, the ocean, the beach, or whatever it might be.

You where always about getting to the finish line, and that’s when getting socially conditioned started. What you’re parents should have done to you is said “hey were going to be there soon”. Instead they should have been telling you to take a look at all the cars, all the people, the fall leaves on the trees, or to take a look at the architecture and buildings.

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Here’s the deal guys, you’re going to get to the finish line but if you don’t concentrate on the present, you’ll never get there. I know its frustrating being single, and frustrating not being able to hook up and meet the women you want. But you’ve got to take the baby steps every single day. You’ve got to look at the winds and work on your conversation skills, and most importantly you’ve got to go out on dates.

They key to take away here is to always be present. By being present you’re going to get to the finish line, however by thinking about the finish line you’re never going to get there.

So when you go out there today, go out and meet some women, say hello to them, ask for a phone number if you like her. Be okay if she says no, and don’t think to yourself you’ll never get there, because tomorrow is another day. And actually the following minute is another opportunity, and so is the following second to be present.