70 Classic Men’s Hairstyles – Timeless High-Class Cuts

Take a trip back in time and explore the classiest cuts across generations of gentlemen. Explore high-class hairstyles that never seem to hopelessly fall out of fashion.

When it comes to the tried and true, you might think traditional can be a bit boring or dull. However, it’s far from the truth when it comes to any man sporting a sleek and polished look. In reality, the classics garnishes a considerable amount of respect both from women and men alike.

While the trendy and modern looks of today are all about boldness and eye-grabbing attention to impress instantly. However, a classic cut on the other hand, is more subtle and drawn out in manner. It slowly charms you with sophistication and sex appeal without the noise.

Sure, the latest good looks are secretly playing off the classics, but truthfully, a great hairstyle will never die. Even the most fashionable men around the world today know this. It’s a good reason why you’ll see old-school hair popping back into the spotlight from time to time. They never ceases to impress with their beautiful aged character and long-standing heritage.

With that said, what are the classics?

There are numerous: The buzz cut, side sweep, crop, slicked back, side part and many others. Most notably, take a glance back from the businessmen in the 1920s and on forward. You’ll discover how certain styles of the time period continued to evolve over the years before reaching true perfection.

To help you visualize some new haircut ideas for the barbershop, I’m going to share with you a collection of the top 70 best classic haircut styles for men below. I’m sure you’ll be familiar with most of them, however some might surprise you.


Business Professional Mens Classic Hair

Casual Mens Old School Classic Haircut Crew Cut Style

Classic Hair For Men

Classic Hair Styles For Men

Classic Hairstyles For Older Gentlemen

Classic Men Hair Styles

Classic Mens Hair Styles Short Length Crew Cut

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle For Males

Classic Pompadour Mens Hairstyle

Classic Short Hairstyle For Men

Classy Short Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

Cool Classic Haircut Ideas For Men With Thinning Hair

Cool Classic Mens Hair Cuts

Cool Mens Classic Undercut Hairstyle Stylish Pompadour

Dapper Mens Classic Haircut

Elegant Vintage Classic Hairstyles For Men

Guys Well Groomed Classic Hair Ideas With Short Length

Hard Part Classic Male Hair Inspiration

Hard Part Classic Mens Haircut

Hard Part Mens Short Classic Haircut

Hard Part Short Length Classic Style For Men With Thin Hair

Long Length Mens Classic Haircut Styles

Long Length Slicked Back Male Classic Hair Ideas

Long Male Classic Haircut Inspiration

Long Wavy Mens Hair Classic

Long Wavy Old School Classic Hair For Gentlemen

Magnificent Mens Classic Short Hairstyle Look

Man Bun Classic Long Hair For Guys

Manly Classic Hair Styles Men

Man With Classic Front Flip Hairstyle

Man With Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

Masculine Classic Mens Hair

Masculine Mens Medium To Long Thick Classic Hairstyles

Medium Length Mens Classic Hairstyle Ideas

Medium Length Mens Classic Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Medium To Short Mens Classic Haircut Looks

Mens Classic Hair Styles

Mens Clean Combed Classic Hairstyle Ideas

Mens Pompadour Classic Hairstyle With Shaved Sides

Mens Sleek Classic Hairstyle

Messy Classic Haircuts For Men With Wavy Hair

Messy Pompadour Classic Hair For Men

Neat Mens Professional Classic Business Man Hairstyle

Old School Classic Male Haircut

Popular Classic Mens Hairstyle Medium Short Length

Professional Formal Mens Classic Hair

Sharp Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle For Guys

Short Length Fashion Forward Classic Haircut For Men

Short Length Mens Wavy Classic Hair Inspiration

Short Mens Classic Haircut

Short Straight Classic Male Hairstyles

Slicked Back Debonair Classic Mens Hairstyles

Slicked Back Medium Classic Haircuts For Men

Slicked Back Professional Classic Haircuts For Guys

Styled Mens Classic Haircut

Stylish Classic Guys Haircut

Thick Medium Classic Hair For Men

Trendy Classic Mens Hairstyle

Vintage Classic Male Haircut Ideas

Wavy Short Mens Classic Hair

Well Groomed Mens Hard Part Classic Hair