60 Men’s Bedroom Ideas – Masculine Interior Design Inspiration

Give your dull, boring bedroom a touch of sexy, masculine style with ideas and decor inspiration.

No matter if you’re into dark wall colors like black, industrial themes with all metal and wood fixtures, or perhaps prefer vibrant pops of color, this collection includes them all.

Take note of the furniture, wall art, rugs and decor pieces scattered through every room. They’ll help you pull together a manly bachelor pad bedroom that is truly individual to your personal taste.

Now, I know some of these men’s bedroom ideas are in luxurious million dollar lofts and homes, although there’s a decent number that are surely attainable for any man. All it takes is getting a little creative when it comes to interior design.

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Men’s Bedroom Ideas

Amazing Men's Bedroom Ideas

A tall headboard can be a great way to add the feeling of height to your room. This particular headboard features built-in spotlights that make late-night reading a pleasure.

To replicate this headboard, consider using plywood sheets assembled horizontally on nailers. A headboard this big will most likely require three sheets. You can wrap the plywood with a dark fabric. Use contact glue to make the fabric stay and create a one-piece feel. The nailers will hold the plywood off the wall so you can run wires for your overhead lighting.

Awesome Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For Guys

Flooring choice can kick off the entire room’s theme. This black-and-gray theme room gets its start from the large black floor tiles with heavy white grout lines framing them in place.

While the tiles are undeniably dark, they do a really nice job of reflecting natural light from the window back into the room. The white accents in the room match the grout lines nicely, while the sheer curtains are an excellent choice. They frame the window perfectly while not absorbing too much precious light like heavier curtains might. While the light fixtures may be a personal choice, we do think they add some fun to the space.

Awesome Men's Bed

You’ll notice this room’s chemistry as soon as you walk in. Not only is it on display above the headboard, but the fun yet classy aesthetic creates a welcoming space for you to crash at the end of the day.

While there are many elements of this design to enjoy, we keep going back to the wall hangings periodically. Puns aside, choosing prints like this will be the main focus of your room so they’re perfect for a whimsical guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Matching nightstands and reading lights add some symmetry while a stack of antique periodicals creates a little well-meaning chaos on the floor.

Bachelor Bedroom Design Ideas For Men

Platform beds can be highly functional while still being welcoming and attractive. The bed pictured above makes excellent use of the cubbies underneath for books and document storage. Beds and headboards like these are readily available at most large home goods stores like Ikea.

Concrete walls don’t have to be cold and uninviting. Whether you use a concrete stain, add wall hangings, or dress it up with a tufted headboard like the one above, there are options. You can use touches to soften the concrete’s look in the areas that you’d like to be warmer and more accessible.

Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Ideas

If you’re the type of man that needs his room to double as a workspace, this design might work for you. The simple writing desk in the room gives you the space to get some work done while still keeping the room relaxing.

Don’t be afraid to use some outside-of-the-box wall hangings to display some personality. The prints above the headboard are patents for different types of lightbulbs. You can get other patent prints, blueprints, and diagrams framed of your favorite engineering marvels as well. Choose frames that match your room’s theme and hang them where you can be inspired.

Bedroom Ideas For Men

Bedroom Ideas Men

Dark colors and subdued lighting can go a long way towards creating a relaxing men’s bedroom. Daylight is provided through a large window across from the foot of the bed, so the end table lights don’t need to be excessively bright.

To copy this bedroom idea, choose a palette of complementing grays. The ceiling and walls are painted the same matte-finish paint, making it feel like an even larger space than it already is. Choosing wood paneling for the wall behind the headboard will create an accent to keep the room feeling too monochromatic.

Bedroom Ideas Mens

For a man that loves to read in bed, there are few greater treasures in life than a good book and a warm blanket. One other treasure that all bed-readers will agree upon is a good reading light.  

Before you burn the midnight oil studying or slipping into literary bliss, consider donning your nightstand with a lamp like this one. Its tall frame makes a bold statement in the room, while its flexible body makes it easy to position while you’re flipping through the pages of your favorite book. For an added benefit, a quick flip of the switch and you’ll be off to sleep without having to get out of bed.

Bedroom Wood Wall Ideas

Dividing a wide-open space into two separate rooms can be an excellent idea for men’s bedrooms. This wall creates a bathroom and bedroom where only one room might’ve stood before.

If you have the space, this is an easy project to replicate. Consider the size spaces you want to create to determine where your wall will be placed. Simply construct the wall from 2×4 studs, being sure to nail into the floor and ceiling joists. Be sure to cover the studs with drywall before you panel it. Even though you won’t be able to see the drywall, this step ensures that noise, moisture, and scents don’t permeate from the bathroom into the bedroom through gaps in the paneling.

Best Bedroom Designs For Men

If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t like a lot of fuss or drama in his life, consider a bedroom design like this. Matching your bed, nightstands, shelving, and picture frames is an easy way to decorate your room with some class and style without going overboard and cluttering your space.

If your room feels too orderly and frigid, an area rug will keep your feet from hitting the cold floor before you can throw your slippers on. A thick, shaggy area rug like this can provide an interesting texture in a room filled with smooth and flat surfaces.

Contemporary Men's Bedroom Design Ideas

Awakening to sunlight on your face can be an excellent way to start your day. However, if your bedroom has a large window like this one, it may overpower the rest of the room. If you don’t want your window to be the main focal point of your room, take some cues from this rack room.

Decorate the adjacent wall with many large but randomly sized picture frames to balance the window out. You can choose any array of your favorite prints, but try to keep them under glass so the window has some competition for your attention.

Cool Bedroom Ideas For MEn

If you’ve got an awkward niche in your bedroom due to HVAC ductwork or other utilities, consider using that space as an opportunity to show some style.

The interior of this niche is trimmed with dark-stained hardwood plywood, making the strange layout feel like a built-in bookshelf. The bed utilizes the niche as a headboard which also happens to be an ideal place to display some artwork. The dark colors that were chosen for the woodwork contrast nicely with the white walls and are easily matched to basic sheets and comforters.

Cool Bedrooms For Gentlemen

While there’s never such a thing as too much natural light, overpowering sunlight might not be the style you’re going for in your bedroom. You can tone down the effect of bright light with dark furniture and fabrics like this bedroom does so well.

The large armoire is a great addition to this room so consider something similar if you’re feeling washed out by light. Match your picture frames, accent blankets, seating, and other fixtures in your room to the armoire for a cohesive feel. Don’t worry about feeling too Noire; the sunlight will take care of that.

Cool Masculine Bedroom Interior Design

Even though you may not be lucky enough to have a large tub with a glass surround in your bedroom, you can take some cues from this room’s style.

This room subscribes to the “less is more” school of thought. Nothing is cluttered, nothing is overwhelming. The whole space is clean and flowy. If you need your space to look more lived-in, consider a wall hanging or two that display your personality without overpowering the aesthetic.

Cool Men's Bedroom Designs

With a view like this, why would you ever leave? Large windows looking out over beautiful landscapes should not be covered up with heavy window coverings and curtains.

Let your view be the inspiration you need to get up in the morning, powerful and geared for greatness. Thin linen curtains make a great option if you need privacy, so choose a sheer set to frame your large window. It’s also worth shopping for a premium curtain rod that matches your room’s style and won’t bend the first time you whip the curtains open to greet the day.

Dark Men's Bedroom Ideas

Wood paneling and faux beams can be added to the ceiling of nearly any man’s bedroom. They give a warm, rustic, and relaxing touch to a room.

If you’re going to panel your ceiling with plywood, buy the longest sheets that you can manage to minimize seams. Attach them to the ceiling in the same direction that you’re planning to run the beams. You can use the beams to cover long seams, making the panels look like one piece. Faux beams can be constructed by 1×4 or 1×6 pine and attached to studs that were previously secured to the ceiling. Be sure to secure the plywood into ceiling joists so the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down.

Elegant Bedroom Interior Ideas

While we don’t think you should hide your inner history-buff in your bedroom, a man’s room is an ideal place to display his passions. You’ve spent a lot of time and money curating a collection of historical literature and artwork. Use your haven to show it off.

If you’re lucky enough to have a print of your favorite historical figure, go ahead and hang it in your room. More importantly, find a way to make all your books look organized while still being interesting and easily accessible. This four-post bed is the perfect way to display your collection without a boring bookcase.

Grey Hue Men's Bedroom

Men who work odd shifts need to be able to sleep as their schedule allows. Keeping your room a sleep-sanctuary can be difficult if you’re contending with a large window like the one above.

Heavy, double-layered curtains will do a great job of keeping sunlight to a minimum so you can get those well-deserved winks. Keep the rest of the room calming and relaxing by painting the walls a soothing gray color with an eggshell finish. Unique lighting fixtures like the ones flanking the bed are a great way to add soft light when necessary without flooding the room.

Guy's Bedroom Designs

Rustic timbers can make a big impression for a man’s bedroom. This platform bed is the perfect touch of chaos in an otherwise refined room.

The more unique the source the better when selecting timbers for projects like this. Old repurposed barn wood, fireplace mantles, and rough cuts from a local sawmill all make excellent choices for large slabs of rustic wood. We’d suggest spending some time to make sure the timbers under your mattress are as flat as possible. Your back and sleep pattern will thank you.

Industrial Bedrooms For Men

Academic types will love this chalkboard that’s been repurposed as a headboard. It provides an interesting and quirky feel to the room, but also provides a place to scratch out some quick notes. It will come in handy when you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea.

There are a few ways to replicate this look. Schools often throw out old equipment at the end of the school year, so keep an eye out and make a few phone calls. Also, you can purchase special paint to make your own chalkboard. We’d suggest using it on cabinet-grade plywood for best results, but you could just as easily paint the wall.

Industrial Manly Bedrooms

Renovated factories can make amazing living spaces. They often feature high ceilings, exposed beams and brickwork, and other industrial touches. Exposed electrical conduit and sprinkler systems add to the factory aesthetic.

This room makes the most of the industrial feel by adding imperfect nightstands, art, and a basic bed with a tufted headboard. The wooden artist’s lamp is a great touch. It anchors the area rug in place so it can break up the large, polished concrete floor without looking out of place or carelessly dropped in the middle of the bedroom.

Industrial Men's Bedroom Ideas

High ceilings are one of the most sought-after features when shopping for a home or apartment. They can make small rooms feel larger while providing plenty of space to really let your inner-decorator take over.

When those high ceilings have exposed beams, it’s the perfect recipe to make a huge impact. Painting those beams a contrasting color from the walls gives guests a reason to look up and appreciate all the fine craftsmanship that goes into a building’s construction. Balancing the white woodwork with warm hardwood floors will tie the living space together nicely.

Interior Men's Bedroom Designs

Vertical lines can provide a lot of perceived height in a room, and this bedroom does a great job of using them to its advantage. The vertical paneling painted gray on the wall makes it feel like never-ending pavement, while the artwork ties in nicely with its corresponding design.

The bookshelf does a lot to frame the space while still continuing the vertical theme. In this room, it’s used as decor, storage, and a dividing wall. The large shelf spaces that are left open keep this bookcase looking tall and appealing.

Loft Bedroom Ideas For Men

Luxury Bedrooms For Men

Not a huge fan of black, gray, and white? Do you like to add some life and color to your living spaces? Well, then this design is definitely for you.

While the room may be full of grays and blacks, a colorful paneled backdrop behind your headboard can be just the ticket for a splash of color. You can tie paneling into the rest of the room using pillows and area rugs like the room above. Besides the blues, we like the bed’s wooden construction. It adds some warmth in the middle of the icy blue-gray room.

Luxury Men's Bedroom Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a few colors and finishes when designing men’s bedrooms. You’ll be able to keep things simple but sophisticated without much hassle.

The gray-and-wood pallet in this room is a very clean and easy way to create a relaxing environment to lay down in. The eggshell sheen in the gray paint reflects just a little bit of light, keeping offending glare to a minimum. The warm wood floors and wood accents do a nice job of keeping the room from feeling too cold and barren. We also like that the trim is painted to match the wall color, keeping a smooth and consistent look to the room.

Luxury Simple Men's Bedrooms

The improvements in direct-vent fireplaces in recent years afford more flexibility for men who’d like to incorporate one in their room. If your bedroom is along an outside wall, chances are you can make a direct-vent fireplace work for you.

This room’s modern design is the perfect setting for a fireplace style like this. The matching chairs and table create a nice place to sit on cold evenings. We also like that the shelves above the fireplace create a makeshift mantle while being hung slightly askew to complement the room.

Male Bachelor Pad Inspiration

Plaster walls are almost always full of character in the form of imperfections. You can try to hide them by patching the walls, or you can minimize them without doing away with them all together.

This room’s designer chose to use a flat paint for the walls which makes them look more like pottery than barriers. We like the fact that the wall and mouldings are painted with the same color. This paint scheme allows the moulding to accent the wall without drawing too much attention to itself.

Male Bedroom Ideas

Make dark walls work for you by matching them with other features in the room. These dark gray walls might have seemed cold and depressing if they weren’t coordinated so nicely with the wall art, headboard, and bedding.

If you’re concerned that your dark gray walls might feel too monochrome, it’s okay to add a little contrast with white bed sheets, wall hangings, and mouldings. You could even throw a solid color blanket or pillow on the bed to add some life.

Manly Bedroom Design Ideas

Manly Interior Design For Bedrooms

Masculine Bedroom

Men who take accessorizing seriously should consider this closet shelving system. It can be created from any french or sliding-door closet and provides an attractive focal point in a minimalist’s room.

While the unit itself may take some research to build, opening up the space in your closet doesn’t have to be as much of a challenge. Simply remove the trim around your closet door to reveal the door jamb. You can pry or cut the jamb out, leaving behind what’s known as the “rough opening.” If your rough opening is square enough, you can build a custom organizer unit that slides it into place.

Men's Bachelor Bedroom Ideas

You don’t have to be an apex predator to bring some nature into your bedroom space. Cast-versions of popular trophy animals can be purchased and hung on the wall for a more eco-friendly approach to decorating.

If you’re not a big hunter, there are a lot of options for faux-animal furs as well. Find a blanket made of these synthetic materials to give your room a rugged, manly look without ever trekking into the woods.

Men's Bachelor Pad Bedroom

Large windows, exposed beams, and wide plank wood flooring give this space the industrial feel that’s become so popular in recent years. If you’re fortunate enough to call a refurbished factory home, you probably enjoy a lot of these features as well.

Large area rugs break up long runs of hardwood flooring and give you a comfortable space to walk barefoot through. Also, maintain the industrial feel by leaving the windows and brick exposed. Great additions to industrial bedrooms are handcarts and worktables that may have been left behind from a bygone era.

Men's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Men's Bedroom Design Photos

Men who prefer the contemporary look should take a few notes from this room. This space blurs the lines between the present and the future.

This room’s furnishings are very well chosen. The nightstand’s curvy nature will give visitors something to talk about while the chair and end table will provide the perfect area to sit back with a book and relax. Our favorite feature is the wall art, which brings a touch of nature into a steel-gray setting.

Men's Bedroom Furniture Design

Not all platform beds have to look the same. There are plenty of varieties available at local home goods stores like Ikea. This particular platform bed features a tufted, cushioned design meant to look plush, comfortable, and cozy.

Beds like this have to be balanced out with design, otherwise, your bedroom might run low on testosterone. The easiest way to contrast overstuffed, tufted bedding and seating areas is with nightstands and end tables. Keep an eye out for designs with 90-degree angles and sharp corners. They’ll keep your room looking masculine while you still get the benefit of a super comfy bed to lay your head down on at the end of the day.

Men's Bedroom Inspiration

This room’s design aesthetic might be a great fit for any budding photographers or world travelers. The pictures above the headboard are an excellent way to display your favorite shots from all over the world.

Choose a theme when you’re designing this wall and stick to it. This particular designer chose to stick to a black-and-white theme to match the room’s colors, but you could just as easily print color photos to liven up the space. Try to find matching frames in different sizes to complement your photos. Also, consider displaying your favorite camera on the nightstand for an extra touch of class.

Men's Bedroom Painting Ideas

If you haven’t noticed by now, dark grays, blacks, and whites make excellent choices for men’s bedroom ideas. They are no-nonsense, masculine colors that are easy to match and decorate with.

If you like a little more color in your roomscape, consider the style above. While the majority of the room is a basic gray and white palette, the mustard color pillows bring just enough color to be noticed without taking center stage. This design element is perfect if you like the idea of color but don’t want to commit to painting an accent wall. While paint’s not forever, it’s a lot harder to change than a pillowcase.

Men's Bedroom With Bedside Table

Men's Black Bedroom Ideas

Dark woodwork is inherently masculine. It harkens to thoughts of the woods, trees, axes, lumberyards, sawmills, and wild industry. All manly thoughts in their own right.

These wide plank oak floors are a handsome element to design your room around. An area rug across that wood grain would be a sin, so if you’re going to use one, keep it small. Instead, accent the floor by bringing more wood touches into the room, like a headboard or nightstand. You’ll want to make sure that these additions are close enough to match without detracting from the floor’s beauty.

Men's Grey Bedroom Ideas

Men's Interior Design Bedroom Ideas

Exposed brickwork can be worth its weight in gold when it’s incorporated properly into a men’s bedroom design. This is one bedroom that is nailing the design.

While it may not be possible to add a half-height, full-width window to your exposed brick wall, you can mimic this design idea by using dark-painted wainscoting for the lower third of the wall. You don’t need it on all four walls. Wainscoting on just one wall works well as an accent. Use a paint with a high-gloss sheen so the wainscoting really contrasts with the brickwork. Stretch from one corner of the wall to the other. Also, decorating the brick with well-placed and thought-out art is never a bad idea.

Modern Bedroom Ideas For Men

If you’re looking for an attractive and cheap DIY project to dress up your room, this expensive headboard is easily replicable. With some supplies and know-how, you can build something similar for a focal point in your room.

Sourcing a few matching shutters will be the most difficult aspect of this project. Once you do, there are a number of ways to attach them end-to-end, but the easiest way involves nailing them all to a sheet of plywood. Trim the top with a few scrap boards and throw on some paint for a cheap style change with a unique touch.

Modern Furniture For Men's Bedroom

Modern Men's Bed

Natural Bedroom Style For Men

Natural Men's Bedroom Designs

Orange And Red Color Men's Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Men

Rustic Bedroom Ideas For Men

Simple Bedroom Designs For Men

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas For Men

Men’s Bedroom FAQs

What is a good color for a man’s bedroom?

The best colors for a man’s bedroom depend on that man’s taste. A good start would be to check into classic colors like grays, whites, and other colors that don’t draw too much attention to themselves.  

What should be in a man’s bedroom?

The best design for a man’s bedroom will include the items that are most important to him. Artwork should be pieces that mean a lot to him, whether it be paintings or prints of his favorite landscapes. A collection of books that he’s currently working through makes a nice end-table decoration, while shelves can be donned with classy memorabilia, souvenirs, and statues. 

How can I make my bedroom more masculine?

Masculinity and maturity sometimes go hand in hand. If you still have your Spiderman sheets on your bed and middle school baseball trophy on the shelf, it might be time to put them away. Also, avoid frilly materials and blankets, and don’t be afraid to introduce darker colors and natural wood furniture to increase that masculine feel.