50 Mohawk Hairstyles For Men – Manly Short To Long Ideas

Sure, the classic Mohawk is rebellious, high maintenance and makes a bold statement, however the variations from the original have certainly paved the way for all sorts of men’s hairstyles.

Even businessmen today can safely get away with wearing a Mohawk-like style at the office. With cuts like the Fauxhawk, Eurohawk, and countless other creative styles, it’s no longer only reserved for the more modern, punk impression.

Though, you could still go all out and try to break the world record if you wanted to, which by the way is a staggering 44.6 inches tall. I’ll leave that up you, however, in this style guide I’m going to show all sorts of really sharp looking haircuts. Some are professionally and classy in taste, others are a bit more edgier and casual.

Regardless of what suits you the best, you might be curious to know a bit of the history behind the Mohawk before asking your barber for one. I won’t bore you to death on the subject, but it’s important to know this hairstyle dates most notably back to the native people of North America. It came to fame in the year 1939 from the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. However, truth be told, Hollywood had a big role in bringing it to the spotlight.

Yet, the manly Mohawk didn’t precisely start there. In reality, it dates all the back to 600 BCE Pazyrk burial ground artwork. A glance at any of the pieces and you’d notice Scythian warriors sporting the haircut quite proudly.

In today’s times, you might think the Mohawk has fallen out of fashion, only it’s actually risen in popularity quite steadily. Creative takes on the style are being worn by men from all walks of life, including celebrities and notable businessmen.

With these 50 Mohawk hairstyles for men perhaps you’ll find a modern approach that perfectly matches you sense of style. In this collection you’ll find masculine ideas including long to short and everything else in between. If you’ve been looking for a bold yet, handsomely subtle style that doesn’t scream too loud, you’ll find inspiration below to acquire it effortlessly.

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