40 Spiky Hairstyles For Men – Masculine Ideas For Your Next Haircut

Spiky hairstyles are back in vogue for men, and these casually unkempt presentations get straight to the point; when pulled off properly, they are simultaneously slick, seductive and sharp, so get some gel or mousse today!

For the modern gentleman, hair is a primal portal to revealing our personal approach to life. Unfortunately, mainstream standards of hegemonic masculinity have a tendency to eliminate expressive fashions that run opposed to the conventional short buzzes and crew-cuts. Luckily, guys have reclaimed this invaluable outlet of attitude, and spiky hair is proof of the shifting cultural tides!

Spiky styles are perfect for people who want to still look professional during their day job. The look can be quickly combed down for formal settings, and you can instantly slick the strands back up into party mode once the work has been accomplished. This will give you a lot more sway when making first impressions, and those who know you may recognize your mood based on the up-or-down placement of your man locks.

The spikes are not just about conveying a certain mentality either; in fact, they are also a powerful convenience. Messy morning bed-head can be disguised within seconds, and people will think the crazy jagged coifs are an intentional choice. No one will question your rugged ubiquity when you’re sporting makeshift razors up top…

Remember, it takes ample hair products to turn ordinary follicles into an armor worth flaunting. As proof, enjoy these spectacularly over-the-top spiky specialties. The following cutting-edge hair sculptures will make your current mop-top feel enviously inadequate!

Cool Men's Spiky Hairstyles

Cool Spiky Hairstyles For Men

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