20 Random Things Under a Microscope

It’s actually amazing how different things under a microscope look. Whether it’s an animal, plant, or random object, it’s incredible how a microscope can enlarge these things, giving us a whole new view of what these objects or creatures look like. 

Microscope photography can make a speck of dust look like an alien creature or fibers of cellulose acetate appear to be molten lava. It really is mind-bending how everyday things look completely strange and inhuman under a microscope. 

All it takes is for an object to be placed on a microscope slide, slid under the microscope, and hey presto, you can view an object at close range that looks nothing like it usually does.

There are many different types of microscopes used to reveal these images. Some include an electron microscope, a compound microscope, an optical microscope, a dissecting microscope, a stereo microscope, and a scanning electron microscope. They all produce varied results. 

Here are some of the strangest and most random things under a microscope for you to study and enjoy. 

20 Random Things Under a Microscope

1. Fibers of Cellulose Acetate



As the description of this image states, these are magnified “fibers of cellulose acetate,” which “is a synthetic material used for analog films, cigarette filters, glasses, and many other things.” It looks like the liquid metal the T-1000 is made from. 

2. Dog Hair


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

As you can see, there are ticks or fleas living in this dog’s coat. Best get him to the vet quick smart. 

3. Cells of Fish Skin



These aren’t ordinary fish cells though, as they have been damaged by chemicals. It’s mind-bending how different a cell looks under a microscope as opposed to seeing it with the human eye. Things under a microscope really do look strange. 

4. Edge of Grass


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

How rich is the color green in this shot of ordinary garden grass? You can even see the small notches in the blade of grass. Amazing. 

5. Roman Concrete



It might not be that exciting, but this slab of concrete is over 2,000 years old. It looks like the surface of an alien planet. 

6. Red Blood Cells



Despite being called red blood cells, they appear blue under this microscope. Did you know there are around five million blood cells in every drop of blood? You learn something new every day. 

7. Paint Brush


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

Here is the end of a paintbrush magnified under a microscope. It resembles some sort of underwater coral. 

8. Black Vinyl


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

This is what a closeup look at a black-colored vinyl looks like. You can clearly see the grooves where the music is pressed. 

9. Human Skin



Here is some human skin with sweat glands. Pretty gnarly looking, to be honest. 

10. Caterpillar Fungi



Also known as Ophiocordyceps sinensis, caterpillar fungi are a type of fungi that grows on insects. It is found in Southwest China and the Himalayan regions of Bhutan and Nepal. While once used as a herbal remedy, it has been found to contain high traces of arsenic and heavy metals and can be deadly if consumed. 

11. Kidney


Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock

This image is a light micrograph of a contracted kidney displayed under a microscope. It doesn’t really resemble anything, certainly not a kidney. 

12. Chocolate Bar


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

Take a glimpse at what a chocolate bar looks like under a microscope. Still tasty. 

13. Crushed Asprin


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

This is a magnified look at what you digest when you have a headache. 

14. Ascorbic Acid


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

It sounds terrifying, but ascorbic acid is just another way to describe the natural water-soluble Vitamin C found in oranges and other citrus fruits and vegetables. 

15. Hazelnut Flower

This is an ultra-magnified look at the hazelnut flower. Very impressive. 

16. Red Lipstick


5-Minute Crafts/YouTube

This image was achieved by a woman kissing a microscope slide and then viewing it under a light microscope.  

17. Fly Eye

While not what you would consider everyday objects, this image of a fly eye is still pretty spectacular. 

18. Rat Tongue

If you’ve ever wondered what a rat tongue looks like under a microscope, it’s your lucky day. 

19. Cleaning Cloth


Teach Kids Engineering/YouTube

Notice the individual threads that make up the cloth? Amazing. 

20. Top of a Q-Tip


Teach Kids Engineering/YouTube

Similar to the cleaning cloth, you can see the strands of cotton used to form the end of the Q-tip. Very impressive.