20 Hair Tips For Men – Foolproof And Flawless Hair Care Tactics

Often times, you can tell the measure of a man by his handsome hair or lack thereof. A truly well-tamed style will always trump mismanaged mop-tops and unkempt presentations, especially when it comes to conveying a prominent social status!

To help you unlock masculine locks and coiffed cunningness, we’ve compiled 20 foolproof tactics that promise flawless hair care for men everywhere!

1. Stop Using the Comb


It’s officially time to abandon the brushes and combs. While it may seem counterintuitive to stop using these tools, combing on a regular basis actually contributes to limp strands. Over time, the continuous attention can wear out your follicles. This leads to premature thinness up top, so gently fluff your hair using fingertips instead!

2. Pat Softly to Dry


Although it may be gratifying to rub all the moisture away with a towel, this act actually weakens the hair’s texture and sturdiness. In fact, this is one of the fundamental causes of breakage. If a loss of thickness is already an issue, then you will want to be extra careful with how rough you are when it’s time to dry off!

3. Stay Calm and Avoid Anxiety


This one may seem like a no-brainer, although a lot of men forget that stress directly promotes hair loss. Therefore, relaxing on a regular basis is crucial for guys that want to have masterful manes into maturity. If you can’t chill out automatically, then try a manual override via regular scalp massages.

4. Don’t Dry with Heat


Electronic hair dryers may seem like a modern convenience, but they may be roasting your ruffles beyond repair. Excessive heat is responsible for endless cases of devastating damage. The burn ultimately generates a waxy scalp that seals follicles shut while fomenting an unfashionable frizzed effect that may be irrevocably permanent.

5. Watch the Chlorine


In addition to procuring unwanted blondness, and sometimes greenness, this common pool water chemical causes severe decay to your scalp’s foundation. Mainly, it instills a cuticle lift by forming a bind with your hair’s proteins. This link gives way to a microscopic lift, which results in dullness and brittleness. To minimize hazards, apply conditioner right before swimming!

6. Quit Over-Washing


Coarse hair will only suffer more from being exposed to too much shampoo. Washing over and over will eventually strip the strands’ naturally healthy coating. No one wants to spend all of that effort for hair that’s worse than what you get for doing nothing. Surprisingly, it’s very similar to how a plant reacts to over-watering.

7. Vary Your Routine with Vinegar


To reinvigorate your hair’s happy sheen, try a monthly vinegar treatment! Use an apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. You will be shocked by the transformative luster that this technique enshrines. This standard pantry item will boost your wool’s health by bringing the pH balance back to a holistic level. Of course, this strategy should not be overdone.

8. Stop Touching Greasy Hair


An unwanted sticky build-up usually indicates the presence of too many molecular disturbances, but trying to fix this matter directly will only worsen the struggle. Basically, every time you touch the top of your head, part of your hand’s oils remain in the fuzz. This rapidly accumulates more grease, so just leave it alone!

9. Use Products Sparingly


Minimalism is the best approach for male styling additives. Unfortunately, guys have a tendency to overdo it with the hair gel, waxand mousse. In small doses, these products can enhance your natural lift; however, the outcome becomes detrimental when you cross a certain threshold. An overdose in this regard propagates extreme greasiness.

Understand that most men’s hair problems can often be solved by simply using the right product. Take a moment to learn about the difference between Pomade vs Gel vs Wax, you’ll learn a lot.

10. Time Your Salon Visits Well


The time that you get your hair cut actually dictates your fashion a great deal. If you go during rush hour, the stylist is more likely to do a hasty job, and this could leave you with a horrifyingly sloppy cookie-cutter finish. Aim for non-busy times to receive undivided attention and a personal touch.

11. Say “No” to the Comb-Over


There’s no better approach to call attention to a receding hairline than employing the comb-over, which is probably what you are precisely trying to avoid. Also, the non-stop maintenance will only hurt the follicles where they matter most. While hiding baldness, this method sadly speeds it up.

12. Give Egg Cleanses a Go


Protein deficiencies are a chief contributor of unhealthy hair in men, but the problem can be resolved with a quick soak using raw eggs. It may not seem like the most fun grooming experience, but it will pay off in shiny thickness like you have never pictured in your life!

13. Fight Thinness with Matte Applicants


Clay styling ingredients can instantly compensate for oncoming thinness. While a receded line may still reveal itself, the hair that remains can be pumped up with pasty products to add luxuriously masculine layers. As a bonus, your unique style will be much easier to control and manage. This switch will likely take place in your late 30s or early 40s. If you’re not sure which product to get, Hair Craft Co’s Clay Pomade is a good choice.

14. Condition Your Mind to Condition Your Hair


Shampoo is only half of the process, but many dudes act like it’s the whole deal. This means that they are removing the grime without adding any polish. By making the conditioning stage a lifelong habit, you will be assured robust softness and lasting thickness. Think of it like a luxury tune-up for your scalp!

15. Analyze Your Genes


Many men fear male-patterned baldness like it’s something that strikes randomly. As it turns out, the generic propensity for developing this syndrome is quite easy to spot preemptively. To discover your chances of losing your coverage, simply look to your mom’s dad. Your maternal grandpa is the one whose hair will be passed down to you!

16. Stop Smoking Cigarettes and Cigars


Both tobacco and carcinogens will dampen the liveliness of a dude’s ‘do. Smoking may look cool and feel good, but it’s killing your youthful mane. Every time you light one up, you might as well also pluck one out. The effects add up at an insanely fast speed, and baldness is commonly expedited by decades.

17. Start Stocking Up on Soya


This unique compound triggers the intestinal production of rare molecules that inhibit hormonally induced hair-loss entirely. By consuming this supplement regularly, at-risk men can stave off baldness for years. So far, its benefits are still being tested, and chances are better when used for prevention as opposed to reversal.

18. Pick a More Appropriate Haircut


To halt unflattering glimpses of your hairline, try going shorter all around. This tactic will mostly hide the areas that cause the most concern. Plus, it instills the added benefit of being easier to handle each morning. If you are unsure about what look fits you best, then just ask a knowledgeable male barber who shares your harried hair predicament.

19. Dismiss Unnatural Hats


Most synthetic fibers cling to hair in an aggressively unnatural way. Repeated exposure to rough man-made fabrics will mangle strands badly over time. Luckily, natural materials like wool don’t impart the same adverse outcomes. The hair may still get tousled, but it will only be temporary. To minimize difficulties even more, aim for looser fitting caps and breathable exteriors.

20. Shave It Off


If the previous 19 solutions didn’t provide any assistance, then why even bother! Take ownership of your ensuing baldness by beating it to the punch. This move will be extraordinarily empowering and phenomenally freeing. As an added perk, a smooth scalp indicates higher testosterone levels, so ladies sub-consciously love the look.