12 Things You Should Never Google

The internet is an incredible thing. It allows you to find out information on anything and everything. It doesn’t matter if you want to know a movie time, find out who won the football, or discover how old Paul Rudd is, you can find it online. Arguably the most well known search engine to use for this is Google. Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is the largest and most popular search engine in the world. Type any word into Google home and you will be provided with hundreds of links about that topic. But there are some things you should never Google.

There are images and stories that you don’t want to know about. Many of these are disgusting and stomach-churning and will make you never want to get on the internet again. You also don’t want them showing up in your Google search history. Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know some of the sick stuff you have been Googling. 

Now be warned. Many of the subjects and topics listed below are repulsive and will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. If you have a weak stomach we suggest skipping out on this article. For everyone else, good luck getting these things you should never Google out of your mind. 

1. Lemon Party

Lemon Party


Starting things off with a bang, typing ‘lemon party’ into your search engine once brought you to a website of the same name. Hosted on that site was an image of three elderly gents enjoying a threesome. It became a regular bait and click prank, where lemonparty.com was advertised as something else. Then when people clicked on it, they were taken to the image of the old men. Funny, hey? 

2. Smoker’s Lung

Smoker's Lung

MD Anderson Cancer Center/YouTube

If you need any more reasons not to smoke, Google these two words. The words smoker’s lung will bring you images of the lungs of someone who has been smoking for most of their life. It is actually quite shocking and sickening to see the effect smoking has. Many images that come up are people who were diagnosed with cancer of the lungs. As most people know, smoking is one of the major causes of cancer of the lung. This is one disease you don’t want to get as it can quickly end in tragedy. 

3. Rat King

Rat King


No, this isn’t a rat wearing a crown but a group of rats with their tails tied together. It is believed that when rats are gathered together in tight spaces their tails can easily lock together, creating a group of rats attached at the tail. It’s certainly not the type of image you want to see if you aren’t a fan of rats. There have also been reports of the same thing happening to squirrels, creating squirrel kings. No thanks. 

4. Mr Hands

Mr Hands

fon ducci/YouTube

This Google search doesn’t seem like anything too weird, but you will be horrified at what comes up. Mr Hands is the alias of former Boeing engineer Kenneth Pinyana. Under the name Mr Hands, Pinyana videotaped himself being fucked by a horse numerous times. If you have recovered from that shocking reveal, then it gets even darker. Pinyana ended up dying from fatal injuries after one incident with a Stallion went too far. 

The video of Pinyana engaging in sex with an animal was one of the first viral videos to hit the internet. He wasn’t alone in this awful fetish, with a community of like-minded folk meeting up and filming their sexual encounter with animals. A 2017 documentary, Zoo, about Pinyana and those involved in his bestiality group was released to critical acclaim, winning a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. 

5. Blue Waffle

Blue Waffle Disease

Float TV/YouTube

People really are gullible. Blue Waffle was the term attributed to a sexually transmitted infection that affected women’s vaginas. It got its name by combining the word waffle; a slang term for vagina, and the word blue; being one of the symptoms of the infection (STI) that turned the vagina a bluish color. Turns out there was no such thing as blue waffle and it was all a hoax. That didn’t stop millions of people around the world from thinking there was a new STI to be afraid of. 

6. Clock Spider

Clock Spider

Levent Taşdemir/YouTube

This one is just weird. Spiders scare the living shit out of most people. They are creepy and disgusting looking. Googling clock spider will bring up images of spiders crawling on clocks. Why? Who knows, but it is not something you want to Google if spiders aren’t your thing. 

7. Tub Girl

Tub Girl


Why is the internet full of disgusting images and videos? Tub Girl was another famous image that cropped up on Rotton.com. This was one of many shock sites that appeared online during the 90s and displayed all types of disturbing images. Tub Girl is an image of a Japanese woman sitting in a tub naked as an orange liquid shoots out of her ass and onto her face. That’s enough about that one.

8. Inside Trash Can

Inside Trash Can

So this one isn’t as vomit-inducing as some of the examples detailed on this list, but it is still pretty yucky. Typing ‘inside trash can’ into your Google machine will bring up images of open trash cans. It doesn’t sound that bad but when you see what is in some of these trash receptacles, you will understand why it’s on this list. 

9. Eel Girl

Eel Girl

Vore in Media/YouTube

Back to disgusting things, Eel Girl is the name of a video that appeared on the internet in the early 00s. The video in question featured a woman putting an eel up another women’s rectum with a funnel. When the eel escapes, she eats it. This viral video inspired the short film Eel Girl, about a scientist who becomes obsessed with the half-eel, half-human creature he is studying. 

10. Goatse.cx



Do not Google this word. The image you will see will haunt you for the rest of your days. In the most non-disgusting way possible, here is a description of the image. It is a picture of a man spreading his ass cheeks with both hands so you can see inside his rectum. We warned you. It was horrible.

Originally uploaded as the filename happy.jpg, the image has become so well known that there are hundreds of memes about it. Also, anytime you see two hands and a circle, it is referencing goatse.cx.

11. Illness Symptoms

Illness Symptoms

This one isn’t a disgusting picture or nightmare-inducing story. This one plays on your own fears of having a life-threatening illness. If you feel unwell and then Google your symptoms, you could find yourself on a deep dive into some strange diagnosis that is far from the truth. It is so easy to associate a sore back or itchy neck with cancer or some other life-threatening disease. If you are feeling a bit off, go see a medical professional. Don’t rely on Dr Google to give you all the answers. 

12. Mouth Larva

Mouth Larva

JAMA Network/YouTube

You can guess what you will find if your Google mouth larva. This yucky disease, known as oral myiasis, is caused by larvae of certain dipteran flies. It generally occurs in third-world countries and can be easily treated. But unless you want to really see maggots squirming around in someone’s mouth, we suggest you don’t Google these words.